Print Resources

The library has built up a rich and balanced collection of books on all branches of Sciences and Technology.   Besides catering to the academic needs of students and faculty members of the university, the library also houses a good collection of books for general reading and competitive exam preparations.

The Library also has a profound collection of reference sources such as Encyclopaedias,    Dictionaries, Almanacs, Handbooks, Manuals, Yearbooks, Directories, Census Reports, Technical Reports,  Bibliographies, Biographical Sources, and Geographical sources.

Currently, the collection exceeds 1,34,000, including several valuable reference books, doctoral theses, and back volumes of periodicals, patents, CD-ROM, etc.   Other resources include 12000 Bound volumes, 22000 patents and 2100 Thesis.

The library subscribes to 45 popular magazines and 10 Newspapers.

Special Collection: Special collection includes books by the CUSAT community, Children’s Collection, Art Books, Vikasana Rekha, WHO and other UN documents.

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