Library Floor Plan

Floor Plan - New Block

  • Ground Floor: Student's Lounge, Circulation Section, University Librarian Office
  • First Floor: Reference  & Scholarship  Collection, New Arrivals
  • Second  Floor: Internet Browsing, Skype & Periodicals Hall

Floor Plan - Old Block

  • Basement Floor:  Technical section, Acquisition Section, Periodical Section, Digital Repository, Dining Hall, Rest Room
  • Ground Floor: Stack (Science, Fiction and Literature ), Server room, Membership Section, OPAC, Children’s Literature, CUSAT Publication  
  • First Mezzanine Floor: Stack II(Social Science)
  • First Floor: Audio Visual and Reprographic Section
  • Second Mezzanine Floor: Photostat, Stack(Bound volumes)
  • Second Floor: Special collections, Library Science Collection, Theses, Patents


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