How can I become a member of the University Library?

Membership of the library is open to regular teachers, students, research scholars and non-teaching staff of the University.

Applicants should submit two stamp size photographs along with duly filled in and recommended application form. Membership card can be collected seven days from the date of submission of application.

Please consult Assistant Librarian (Circulation) at 0484-2862133 for more information.

How can I (an Outsider) use the library?

 Membership of the library is open to public Graduates. Graduates of recognized Universities, who are residents in Kerala, could also take membership (Graduate membership).

Industrial and Research institutions, Government or Public Limited institutions are admitted to Institutional membership on the responsibility of the head of the concerned institution. However, the final decision rests with the University Librarian to permit outside members-Individual/Institutional.

Non-members can also use the library on all working days between 9.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. except Second Saturdays and Sundays by remitting a nominal fee of Rs.100/- after getting permission from the University Librarian.

How do I find material in the Library?

Members can make use of the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) to find the library holdings. The University library has enabled WEBOPAC which can be searched from anywhere (online/offline campus). In addition all the floors of the library have OPAC search terminals. Users can find materials on a particular author, title or subject or the combinations of all these using the OPAC. Please click here for using the OPAC

What are the opening hours of the library?

The Library is open on all days except the government declared holidays in the state of Kerala. Working Hours are


Week days : 9.00 am to 8.00 pm

Second Saturdays and Sundays (except holidays) : 10.00 am to 4.pm.

For more details click here

How can I borrow a book?

Majority of the collections is accessible through open stacks. You can access the OPAC terminals available in the stacks for finding an item. Once you have determined the call number and shelf location, move on to the concerned stack. For more assistance you can seek the help of staff. Pick the books you need; come to the library counter with the books and your issue tickets. The Library staff will assist you in getting these books issued to you.

How many books I can borrow at a time?

Members can borrow books (except reference books and journals) from the library. The period of loan for various categories is specified below.



Loan period


10 books

2 months


  1 book

15 days


  6 books

15 days

Non-teaching staff

  3 books

15 days

Research scholars

  4 books

15 days

Post Graduate, M.Phil., B. Tech. (PS&RT., Ship Tech,   
B. Tech (CUSAT Campus), & L.L.B.


3 books

 1 book


      15 days

      15 days

How can I return a book?

Documents may be presented at the Circulation Desk for return during the circulation hours. Always verify your account to ensure that books have been returned.

What are the issue/return timings of the library?

Week days 9.00 am to 7.pm

Second Saturdays & Sundays: 10.am to 3.00pm

How can I renew a book?

A book can be re-issued to the same person if there is no reservation for it.  Not more than two consecutive renewals are permitted.  Further renewal is not permitted in any case.  Renewals can be made over phone, or in person, on or before the due date.

For renewals please contact Library counter at 0484-2862120, 0484-2575715.

How can I reserve a book that is already borrowed by another member?

Application forms for reservations are available in the counter. Fill up the application forms with essential details and submit this to the counter staff. A member can reserve at a time as many number of books as he/she is eligible to borrow, provided they are issued out.  The member will be informed by mail or phone if the email ID or phone number is provided in the application form as and when the book is ready for issue, which is to be collected within the period specified.

What are the overdue item fines and fees?

An overdue charge of 50ps. per day per book is levied from students and staff.  An amount of Rs.1/- per day per book is levied from graduate members and institutional members.

What shall I do if I have lost a book that I borrowed?

Damage or loss of books on loan shall be reported to the Librarian immediately.  Borrowers are responsible for any damage or loss of books occurring during loan period. If a book is lost, the borrower must replace it with its latest edition.  If the borrower is unable to replace the book, the current price plus 2/3rd penal charge will be levied from the borrower.  If the books are out of print, the price will be fixed according to the discretion of the Librarian, taking into account the importance, demand and rarity of the book.

What shall I do if I have lost by borrower’s ticket and Library ID card?

If a member has lost his/her borrower’s ticket or identity card issued from the library, he/she has to report the matter immediately to the University Librarian.  If a member applies for withdrawal of membership/and or Non-Liability certificate, such applications will be kept pending till the expiry of one week for detailed verification of the library records.  If no book is found issued against the borrower’s ticket, a non-refundable penalty of Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred only) for each lost borrower’s ticket and Rs.10/- for ID card will be collected from the member and he/she has to execute an indemnity bond

How do I recommend a book for purchase in the Library?

Faculty, Students and staff can recommend books for purchase by the library.

For online book recommendation, please click here. Fill in all the details of books recommended for purchase. The library will purchase only the latest editions and a book that is already available in the collection will not be purchased at any reason.

How can I access the electronic resources available in the library?

The library provides IP based access to very good number of Databases, Online Journals and E-books. The library website acts as the real gateway to access the electronic resources. Please use the link E-Gateway given in our website for using the e-resources.

What are the various electronic resources available in the library?

The library provides IP based access to electronic resources such as e-books, e-journals- databases etc. For more details click here

How do I get my clearance from the Library?

Non Liability Certificates (NLC) will be issued to members of the CUSAT community, after detailed verification of the library records. A member applying for withdrawal of membership and/or NLC, has to return all borrower’s tickets and ID card issued to him/her. Applications will be kept pending till the expiry of one week for such detailed verification. It is also mandatory for non-members to get clearance from the Library. They will be issued NLC after due verification of the records.

Graduate and Institutional members can withdraw the membership by returning all borrower’s tickets and ID card issued to them. Caution deposit will be refunded after detailed verification of dues, if any.

Students and research scholars, both members and non-members, can apply for NLC from the University Library in the prescribed form available from their Department offices. NLC for all staff will normally be issued in response to the circulars asking for non-liability reports from Administration.

How can I take photocopies and printouts of library materials?

Members can make use of the photocopy facility available at the second floor. The rate for photocopying is Rs. 0.80 per page and Rs. 1/- for both sides.

Whom should I contact for more details?

Librarian                 : 0484-2862130

Library Circulation Counter       : 0484-2862120

Contact information including e-mail addresses, is given here

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