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Dear IEEE Xplore Subscriber,

IEEE continues to be here to support you during these challenging times, making certain that your IEEE subscription continues to be accessible to your users so that they can continue their work regardless of location. IEEE has a variety of remote access and authentication options available to ensure your organization can access the information they need.

To that end, IEEE has launched a new Remote Access tool for our customers, via Google CASA (Campus Activated Subscriber Access). Google CASA is an enhancement that improves the authentication for off-campus users of Google Scholar. Google CASA is free and is automatically enabled for all customers that participate in Google Scholar Subscriber Links program.

How does CASA Work?

  • Step 1: A user must initiate CASA while on-campus and authenticated via IP or remotely connected to the campus network using VPN.
  • Step 2: The user would then visit Google Scholar and then Google automatically creates an affiliation between that user and their institution.
  • Step 3: The user would find an IEEE article through Google Scholar and click the link to IEEE Xplore. A cookie is added to their device which creates a seamless authentication flow between Google Scholar and IEEE Xplore.
  • Step 4: Reactivate as needed. CASA will deactivate after 90 days if the user does not authenticate from their institutional IP through Google Scholar within that time frame.

If you have questions about authentication options or other resources to help support your organization, please contact us to discuss how we can meet your specific needs. You can also review the resources below to learn how to ensure access is available wherever your users are:

  • Account Management and Authentication Options: Provides guidance on managing your account, including all authentication options for remote users. Learn more
  • Administrator FAQ: Answers to common questions on authentication, remote access, and other resources. Learn more
  • Customer Support: Our representatives are available to address your questions and provide assistance. Contact Us

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