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E-Books - Mechanical Engineering

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Advanced Machining Processes

Description: Today’s stringent design requirements and difficult-to-machine materials such as tough super alloys, ceramics, and composites, have made traditional machining processes costly and obsolete. As a....

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eISBN: 9780071466943
ISBN 10: 0071466940

By (author): El-Hofy, Hassan Abdel-Gawad
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Description: BE AN AC AND REFRIGERATION ACE-NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PRESENT LEVEL OF SKILL!Air Conditioning and Refrigeration helps you understand today s cooling and climate control systems-so....

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eISBN: 9780071487412
ISBN 10: 0071487417

By (author): Miller, Rex, Miller, Mark R.
CATIA Core Tools: Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application


A fully illustrated guide to CATIA

CATIA Core Tools: Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application explains how to use the essential features of this cutting-edge solution....

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eISBN: 9780071700443
ISBN 10: 0071700447

By (author): Michaud, Michel
Compressed Air Operations Manual

Description: Compressed air systems are the third most important utility to industry and are commonly the most misunderstood. Written to appeal to operators, mechanics and junior engineers, this manual is designed....

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eISBN: 9780071491846
ISBN 10: 0071491848

By (author): Elliott, Brian
Compressors: How to Achieve High Reliability & Availability


Practical techniques for optimizing compressor performance

Written by experts with more than 100 combined years of industry experience in machinery failure avoidance, Compressors: How to....

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eISBN: 9780071772884
ISBN 10: 007177288X

By (author): Bloch, Heinz P., Geitner, Fred K.
Computerized Maintenance Management Systems Made Easy

Description: Computerized Maintenance Management Systems Software programs are increasingly being used to manage and control plant and equipment maintenance in modern manufacturing and service industries. However,....

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eISBN: 9780071491273
ISBN 10: 0071491279

By (author): Bagadia, Kishan
Energy Systems Design and Operation: A Unified Method


Best practices for the design and operation of energy systems

Written by a global expert with 50 years of experience in the field, Energy Systems Design and Operation presents a....

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eISBN: 9780071772921
ISBN 10: 0071772928

By (author): Tostevin, G. Mark
Facility Manager's Maintenance Handbook

Description: An Updated Guide to Establishing Cutting-Edge Operationsand Maintenance Procedures for Today's Complex Facilities An essential on-the-job resource, Facility Manager's....

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eISBN: 9780071511001
ISBN 10: 0071511008

By (author): Lewis, Bernard T., Payant, Richard
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Mechanical Design 2/E



Written in accordance with the latest revision of the geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) stanedard, ASME Y14.5-2009,....

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eISBN: 9780071772143
ISBN 10: 0071772146

By (author): Cogorno, Gene
Handbook of Chemical Reactor Design, Optimization, and Scaleup

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eISBN: 9780071395588
ISBN 10: 007139558X

By (author): Nauman, Bruce
Handbook of Energy Engineering Calculations



Filled with step-by-step procedures for performing hundreds of calculations, this practical guide helps you solve a variety of applied....

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eISBN: 9780071745536
ISBN 10: 007174553X

By (author): Hicks, Tyler
Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Calculations, Second Edition

Description: Solve any mechanical engineering problem quickly and easily This trusted compendium of calculation methods delivers fast, accurate solutions to the toughest day-to-day mechanical....

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eISBN: 9780071486996
ISBN 10: 0071486992

By (author): Hicks, Tyler G.
Heating Boiler Operator’s Manual: Maintenance, Operation, and Repair

Description: Master Every Aspect of Heating Boiler Operation, Maintenance,and Repair—and Pass Your Licensing Exam with Flying Colors! Both a valuable on-the-job tool and a licensing exam study....

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eISBN: 9780071709668
ISBN 10: 0071709665

By (author): Malek, Mohammad
HVAC Design Sourcebook



This practical manual describes the HVAC system design process step by step using photographs, drawings, and a discussion of pertinent design....

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eISBN: 9780071753029
ISBN 10: 0071753028

By (author): Angel, W. Larsen
Industrial Electricity and Motor Controls

Description: Dramatically Improve Your Knowledge Base, Skills, and Applications in Every Area of Industrial Electricity Turn to Industrial Electricity and Electric Motor Controls for....

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eISBN: 9780071712699
ISBN 10: 0071712690

By (author): Miller, Rex, Miller, Mark
Machine Tools Handbook

Description: Acquire the Skills, Tools, and Techniques Needed to EnsureHigh Quality and Precision in the Design of Machined Parts! Designed for quick access on the job, Machine Tools....

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Maintenance Benchmarking and Best Practices

Description: Over the past decade, companies have redirected their maintenance operational focus from internal cost-cutting to profit-maximization. This approach is referred to as profit centered maintenance.....

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eISBN: 9780071491655
ISBN 10: 0071491651

By (author): Peters, Ralph W
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook

Description: Many readers already regard the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook as the chief authority for establishing effective maintenance planning and scheduling in the real world. The second....

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eISBN: 9780071501552
ISBN 10: 007150155X

By (author): Palmer, Richard (Doc) D.
Manufacturing Planning and Control for Supply Chain Management


The definitive guide to manufacturing planning and control--FULLY REVISED AND UPDATED FOR THE CPIM EXAM

Improve supply chain effectiveness, productivity, customer satisfaction, and....

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eISBN: 9780071750325
ISBN 10: 0071750320

By (author): Jacobs, F. Robert, Berry, William, Whybark, D. Clay, Vollmann, Thomas
Mark's Calculations For Machine Design

Description: Everyday Engineers must solve some of the most difficult design problems and often with little time and to spare. It was with this in mind that this book was designed. Based on the best selling....

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eISBN: 9780071466912
ISBN 10: 0071466916

By (author): Brown, Thomas H.
Mechanical Design Handbook, Second Edition

Description: Optimize the efficiency and reliability of machines and mechanical systems Totally redesigned to meet today s mechanical design challenges, this classic handbook provides a practical....

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eISBN: 9780071487351
ISBN 10: 0071487352

By (author): Rothbart, Harold A., Brown, Thomas H.
Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook, 5th Edition



Fully revised throughout, this abundantly illustrated reference describes proven mechanisms and....

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eISBN: 9780071704410
ISBN 10: 0071704418

By (author): Sclater, Neil
Mechatronics in Medicine A Biomedical Engineering Approach


Comprehensive coverage of mechatronics in medical systems

Mechatronics in Medicine: A Biomedical Engineering Approach addresses this emerging field focused on areas of medicine such....

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eISBN: 9780071768979
ISBN 10: 0071768971

By (author): Najarian, Siamak, Dargahi, Javad, Darbemamieh, Goldis, Farkoush, Siamak Hajizadeh
MEMS/MOEM Packaging

Description: While MEMS technology has progressed rapidly, commercialization of MEMS has been hindered by packaging technology barriers and costs. One of the key issues in the industrialization of MEMS, MOEM and....

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Nalco Guide to Boiler Failure Analysis, 2nd Edition


Practical, up-to-date techniques for identifying and eliminating common causes of boiler failure

Filled with more than 200 color images, The Nalco Guide to Boiler Failure Analysis,....

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eISBN: 9780071743013
ISBN 10: 0071743014

By (author): Daniel, Flynn,
Nanoelectronics : Nanowires, Molecular Electronics, and Nanodevices


The latest advances in nanoelectronics

This definitive volume addresses the state of the art in nanoelectronics, covering nanowires, molecular electronics, and nanodevices. Written by....

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eISBN: 9780071664493
ISBN 10: 0071664491

By (author): Iniewski, Krzysztof
Nanotechnology for Environmental Decontamination



Written by a team of global experts, Nanotechnology for Environmental Contamination covers....

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eISBN: 9780071702805
ISBN 10: 0071702806

By (author): Ram, Manoj, Andreescu, E. Silvana, Hanming, Ding
Pressure Relief Devices

Description: Within the boiler, piping and pressure vessel industry, pressure relief devices are considered one of the most important safety components. These Devices are literally the last line of defense against....

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eISBN: 9780071589062
ISBN 10: 0071589066

By (author): Malek, Mohammad A
Quantitative Measurements for Logistics

Description: Utilize the Latest Measurement Tools and Computations Neededto Achieve World-Class Logistics Operations in Any Organization! Quantitative Measurements for Logistics offers you....

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eISBN: 9780071510646
ISBN 10: 0071510648

By (author): Frohne, Philip T.
Quantum-Well Laser Array Packaging

Description: The very latest nanoscale packaging techniques needed to keep quantum-well lasers functioning In this book the authors address the nanoscale packaging issue by providing you with....

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eISBN: 9780071661645
ISBN 10: 0071661646

By (author): Tomm, Jens, Jiménez , Juan
Semiconductor Heterojunctions and Nanostructures

Description: This comprehensive text is aimed at graduate level students and researchers, breaking down the complexities of fabrication, use, and maintenance of heterojunctions. Topics include: introduction to....

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eISBN: 9780071469685
ISBN 10: 0071469680

By (author): Manasreh, Omar
The Analysis of Irregular Shaped Structures Diaphragms and Shear Walls


A Complete Guide to Solving Lateral Load Path Problems

The Analysis of Irregular Shaped Structures: Diaphragms and Shear Walls explains how to calculate the forces to be transferred....

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Thermal Deformation in Machine Tools


Proven guidelines for reducing thermal deformation in machine tools

Written by global experts in the field of machine tool engineering, this authoritative work offers tested solutions for....

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eISBN: 9780071635189
ISBN 10: 0071635181

By (author): Ito, Yoshimi
Thermal Science


A practical, illustrated guide to thermal science

A practical, illustrated guide to thermal scienceWritten by a subject-matter expert with many years of academic and industrial experience,....

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eISBN: 9780071772358
ISBN 10: 0071772359

By (author): Baskharone, Erian A.
Turbo-Machinery Dynamics

Description: This comprehensive text presents a detailed treatment of design, development, and operation of turbo-machinery. Starting with the fundamentals of thermodynamics and cycle design, and ending with the....

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eISBN: 9780071467049
ISBN 10: 0071467041

By (author): Rangwala, A. S.
Valve Handbook 3rd Edition


Comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of valves for the process industry

Revised to include details on the latest technologies, Valve Handbook, Third Edition, discusses design,....

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eISBN: 9780071743907
ISBN 10: 0071743901

By (author): Skousen, Philip
Vibration of Continuous Systems



Written by experts in the field, Vibrations of Continuous Systems expalins the vibrational behavior of basic....
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