New Arrivals on 14.09.2015 to 28.09.2015


(The following books will be issued after 28.09.2015)
Title Author Call No. Acc. No.
Generalities, Computer Science & Social Science
1 Electronically stored information :the complete guide to management, understanding, acquisition, storage, search, and retrieval Matthews, David Robert 004.04:005.92(73)
2 Integer algorithms in cryptology and information assurance Verkhovsky, Boris S. 004.056.523:510.5 VER 72837
3 Cryptography and network security Gupta, Prakash  C GUP 72918
4 Cloud computing :web based applications that change the way your work and collaborate online Miller, Michael 004.75 MIL 73619
5 Proceedings of the third national conference on Indian language computing NCILC-2013 Kannan Balakrishnan 004.934 KAN G10113
6 Economics for environmental studie Endres, Alfred  330:364.25 END 72915
7 International trade theory and policy :with contributions by Federico Trionfetti Gandolfo, Giancarlo 339.54.01 GAN 72912
8 Big data :a business and legal guide Kalyvas, James R. 349:004.6 KAL 72890
9 Puthiya Paddyapadhathiyil  mathapithakkalude panku Muraleedharan Mullamattom 37.016:316.812=M
10 Anathathayilekku oru patha(അനന്തയിലേക്ക് ഒരു പാത) Joseph, George Gheverghese 510(548.3)=M  JOS 72330
11 Design and analysis of approximation algorithms Du, Ding-Zhu  510.51 DUD 72833
12 Lectures, problems and solutions for ordinary differential equations Deng, Yuefan, 517.912 DEN 72812
13 Combinatorics :an introduction Faticoni, Theodore G. 519.1 FAT 72813
14 R data analysis without programming Gerbing, David W. 519.23:004.4R
15 Qualitative data analysis with ATLAS. ti  Friese, Susanne  519.23:004.4SATL FRI 72790
16 Continuum physics Hertel, Peter. 530.145 HER 72899
17 Advanced quantum mechanics :a practical guide Nazarov, Yuli V. 530.145 NAZ 72622
18 Relativistic quantum physics :from advanced quantum mechanics to introductory quantum field theory Ohlsson, Tommy 530.145 OHL 72621
19 Ground water in the environment Younger, Paul L  556.31 YOU 73645
20 Signal transduction :principles, pathways, and processes Cantley,
Lewis C....[et al]; ed.
576.32/.36 CAN 72630
21 Microbiology Wessner, David R. 579.2 WES 72763
22 Introduction to geomicrobiology Konhauser, Kurt 579.2:551.1/.4 KON 72910
23 Introduction to diagnostic microbiology for the laboratory sciences Delost, Maria Dannessa, 579.61:616-078
Applied Science, Management and Technology
24 Proceedings of the national symposium on ocean electronics, SYMPOL-2005 organised by Dept. of Electronics, CUSAT Pillai, P.R.S.; ed. 621.38:551.46 PIL G10109
25 Answer :your guide to achieving financial freedom and living an extraordinary life Assaraf, John 658.114 ASS 72636
26 Logistics and supply chains in emerging markets Manners-Bell, John; ed. 658.85 MAN/L 72614
27 Two birds in a tree Nidumolu, Ram  658:005.32 NID 72751
28 Food science and food biotechnology Gutierrez-Lopez,
Gustavo F; ed.
664:606 GUT 72612
Art, Literature, Biography and Fiction
29 Sukrutham (സുകൃതം) Vasudevan Nair, M. T. 791.632=M VASM/S 72561
30 Country without a post office. Agha, Shahid Ali 820-1 AGH 73773
31 Selected poems of Langston Hughes Hughes, Langston  820-1 HUG/S 73798
32 Bhartiya sahitya (भारतीय साहित्य  Tripathi, Ramchhabila  89H.091 TRI 73371
33 Samkaleen Hindi kavita ki nai soch(1960 se 2009 tak) (समकालीन हिन्दी कविता की नयी सोच (1960 से 2009 तक ) Padmaja Ghorpade 89H-1.09 PAD 73369
34 Bhoomandalikaran our hindi (भूमंडलीकरण और हिन्दी Shemim Aliyar; ed. 89H-4(05) SHE/B G10122
35 Athinal njan branthanayilla(അതിനാൽ ഞാൻ ഭ്രാന്തനായില്ല Sankara Pillai, K.G. 89M-1 SAN/A 73581
36 Hayavadana (ഹയവദന) Karnad, Girish  89M-2 KAR 72579
37 Sayahnachinthakal (സായാഹ്നചിന്തകൾ   Kesavamenon, K. P. 89M-4 KEM/S 72303
38 Difficult pleasures Anjum Hasan F ANJ/D 73776
39 Aspern papers and other tales James, Henry  F JAM/AS 73787
40 Broken glass  Mabanckou, Alain F MAB 73774
41 Wordkeepers :book I of the trilogy Sen, Jash  F SEN/W 71995
42 Vayuputron Ki Shapath (वायुपुत्रों की शपथ  Amish FH AMI/V 72754
43 Krishna kunji (कृष्ण कुंजी  Sanghi, Ashwin FH SANG 72042
44 Chandrakanthakkallu (ചന്ദ്രകാന്തക്കല്ല്) Collins, Wilkie FM COL/C 72519
45 Nooru simhasanangal (നൂറ് സിംഹാസനങ്ങൾ) Jayamohan FM JAY/N 72385
46 Veerabhadran(വീരഭദ്രൻ) Nandakumar, V. T. FM NAN/V;1 72457
47 Vazhikatti (വഴികാട്ടി Narayan, R.  K. FM NARA 72463
48 Adhinivesam sadyamakunna vazhikal (അധിനിവേശം സാധ്യമാകുന്ന വഴികൾ) Prameela, P FM PRAL 72331
49 Goliyum Valappottum (ഗോലിയും വളപ്പൊട്ടും) Subash Chandran FM SUB/G CL 73578
50 Thruti (ത്രുടി) Sudhi, P. K. FM SUD/T 72359
1 Study of young stellar objects in star forming regions and open clusters Bhavya, B. 524.4  BHA  T T863
2 Studies on catalysis by nano titania modified with metals and nonmetals Dhanya, T.P. 544.526.5 DHA  T T818
3 Data aggregation and MAC layer approaches for enhanced energy efficiency in large scale wireless sensor networks Santhosh Simon 621.39:004.77
4 Samakaleen hindi kavita mein nav upanivesh ka pratirodh Girish Kumar,. K.K. 89H-1.09 GIR  T T858
5 Studies on the biology, morphometrics and biochemical composition of the Ommastrephid squid, sthenoteuthis oualaniensis (Lesson,1830) of the south west coast of India John Chembian, A. 594.582(548.3)
6 Studies on exopolysaccharide production by probotic lactic acid bacteria Bindhumol I 602.3:579.864
7 Spatial and temporal variation of microbial community structure in surficial sediments of cochin estuary Neetha Joseph 579.68(282.253.2) NEE  T T862
8 Development of p-type transparent semiconducting oxides for thin film transistor application Sanal, K C 539.216.2 SAN  T T727
9 Fishery and biology of deep-sea chondrichthyans off the southwest coast of India Akhilesh K.V. 597.3(548) AKH  T T790

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