New Arrivals on 11.05-2016 to 25.05.2016


(The following books will be issued after 25.05.2016)
Title Author Call No.  
Generalities, Computer Science & Social Science
1 Competition success review year book 2016 Sachdeva, S.K; ed. 001(058) COM "2016"  R  
2 Cryptography and secure communication Blahut, Richard E. 004.056.55 BLA  
3 Cryptography and network security Kahate, Atul 004.056.55 KAH"2013"  
4 Manorama yearbook 2016   058 MAN "2016"  R  
5 Statesman's yearbook 2016:the politics, cultures and economics of the world Heath-Brown, Nicholas; ed. 058 STA "2016"  R  
6 Introduction to psychology Singh, Manoj Kumar  159.9 SIN  
7 Abnormal psychology Das, S.N. 159.97 DAS  
8 Adventures in social research:data analysis using IBM SPSS statistics Babbie, Earl 303.4:004 BAB  
9 Extraordinary responsibility:politics beyond the moral caculus Shalini Satkunanandan 32:17 SHA  
10 Intermediate Microeconomics:a tool-building approach Banerjee, Samiran  330.101.542 BAN  
11 Essential statistics, regession and econometrics Smith, Gary  330.43 SMI  
12 Handbook of linear algebra Hogben, Leslie; ed 512.64 HOG  
13 Differential equations:theory technique and practice with boundary value problems. Krantz, Steven G. 517.927 KRA  
14 Bayesian methods for repeated measures Broemeling, Lyle D. 519.226 BRO  
15 Linear models with R Faraway, Julian J. 519.246.8 FAR  
16 Mathematical modeling:models, analysis and applications Banerjee, Sandip 519.673 BAN  
17 Methods of experimental physics Pergament, M.I. 53 PER  
18 Basic concepts in string theory Blumenhagen, Ralph 530.1 BLU  
19 Introduction to quantum mechanics Griffiths, David J. 530.145 GRI  
20 Quantum physics:a beginner's guide Rae, Alastair I.M. 530.145 RAE  
21 Classical dynamics of particles and systems Thronton, Stephen T. 531.3 THO  
22 Photonics modelling and design Sujecki, Slawomir 535.14 SUJ  
23 Tunable laser optics.- Duarte, F.J. 535.374 DUA  
24 Laser modelling:a numerical approach with algebra  and calculus. Csele, Mark Steven 535.374:51 CSE  
25 Introduction to electrodynamics Griffiths, David J. 537.8 GRI  
26 Green chemistry:laboratory manual for general chemistry. Henrie, Sally  542 HEN  
27 Quantum chemistry Levine, Ira N. 544.18 LEV  
28 Single molecule science:physical principles and models Makarov, Dmitrii 544.4 MAK  
29 Physical chemistry:thermodynamics, statistical mechanics and kinetics. Cooksy, Andrew  544-971 COO  
30 Bhookampangal enthukondu, engane? (ഭൂകമ്പങ്ങൾ എന്തുകൊണ്ട്, എങ്ങനെ?) George, A.V. 550.34=M GEO  
31 Experiments in the purification and characterization of enzymes Crowley, Thomas 577.15(035) CRO  
Applied Science, Management and Technology
32 Healthcare data analytics Reddy, Chandan K; ed. 614:004 RED  
33 Engineering mechanics:(statics and dynamics). Kumar, D.S. 621.01 KUM  
34 Quantum information theory Wilde, Mark M. 621.391 WIL  
35 Advanced digital optical communications Binh, Le Nguyen 621.391.63 BIN  
36 Essentials of digital signal processing Lathi, B.P. 621.391.8 LAT  
37 Robot hands and multi fingered haptic interfaces:fundamentals and applications Kawasaki, Haruhisa  62-52 KAW  
38 Wastewater treatment:occurrence and fate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) Forgren, Army J. ed. 628.31 FOR  
39 Principles of marketing Kotler, Philip 658.8 KOT "2016"  
40 Control systems:principles and design Gopal, M. 681.5 GOP  
Literature,  History  and Fiction
41 Balachandran Chullikkadinte kavithaparibhashakal (ബാലചന്ദ്രൻ ചുള്ളിക്കാടിന്റെ കവിതാപരിഭാഷകൾ). Balachandran Chullikkad 89M-1 BAL/B  
42 Basheer:kadhakalude sulthan (ബഷീർ കഥകളുടെ സുൽത്താൻ) Vijayan, Kunnil  89M-3 BAS.09 VIJ/BA  
43 Bhashayum sahithyavum (ഭാഷയും സാഹിത്യവും) Viswanathan, P. 89M-4 VISW/B  
44 Uravidangal (ഉറവിടങ്ങൾ) Jayamohan 89M-94 JAY/U  
45 Magic watering can .... and other stories Blyton, Enid F BLY/MA  CL  
46 Nano Cook, Robin  F COO/N  
47 Unwrapped sky Davidson, Rjurik  F DAV/U  
48 Seven sisters:Maia's Story Riley, Lucinda  F RIL/S  
49 Heroes of olympus:the house of hades Riordan, Rick  F RIO/HE  CL  
50 Akambadi sarpangal (അകമ്പടി സർപ്പങ്ങൾ) Gopakukmar, T.N . FM GOP/A  
51 Design and study of self-assembled functional organic and hybrid systems for biological applications Dhanya T.J. 544.15:62 DHA  T  
52 Development of hierarchical clustering techniques for gridded data from mixed data sequences Bindiya M. Varghese 004.657 BIN  T  
53 Sedimentology and geochemistry of core sediments from the ashtamudi estuary and the adjoining coastal plain, central kerala, India Tiju I.Varghese 551.3.051(282.05) TIJ  T  
54 An in vitro evaluation of selenium incorporated guar gum nanoparticles against ischemia reperfusion in H9c2 cardiomyoblast Soumya R.S. 620.1.03:61 SOU  T  
55 Studies on mental resistant bacteria in cochin estuary and its response towards antibiotics and silver nanoparticles Jiya Jose 57(26):582.23 JIY  T  

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