New Arrivals on 29.12.2015


(The following books will be issued after 11.01.2016)
Title Author Call No. Acc. No.
Generalities, Computer Science & Social Science
1 Statistical research methods:a guide for non-statisticians Sabo, Roy  001.8:519.2 SAB 72817
2 Computer architecture and organization:from 8085 to core2Duo and beyond Ghoshal, Subrata  004.2/.318 GHO 73160
3 Microprocessors:the 8086/8088, 80186/80286, 80386/80486 and the pentium family Bahadure, Nilesh B. 004.312.466 73414
4 Design with PIC microcontrollers Peatman, John B. 004.312.466 PEA 73391
5 Software project management Hughes, Bob 004.413 HUG"2014" 73168
6 Program logics for certified compilers Appel, Andrew W...[] 004.42 APP 73190
7 Data structures, algorithms and applications in Java Sahni, Sartaj 004.438JAVA SAH 73392
8 Foundations of fuzzy logic and semantic web languages Straccia, Umberto 004.774.2 STR 72848
9 System simulation and modeling Sengupta, Sankar  004.942 SEN 73163
10 Sustainable digital library intiatives Naik, N. Rupsing 026.07 NAI 73038
11 Star signs Goodman's, Linda 133.52 GOO/S 73003
12 Full frontal feminism:a young woman's guide to why feminism matters Valenti, Jessica 305-055.2 VAL 72216
13 Parenting teens in modern times Anju Musafir-Chazot 316.812.1 ANJ 72973
14 Kammunist kalakaranmar enthu cheyyanam(കമ്മ്യൂണിസ്റ്റ്  കലാകാരന്മാർ  എന്തുചെയ്യണം) Ghatak, Ritwik  329.15=M GHA 72594
15 K.M. Maniyude pathinonnu budget prasangangalile kshemapadhatikal (കെ.എം. മാണിയുടെ പതിനൊന്ന് ബഡ്ജറ്റ് പ്രസംഗങ്ങളിലെ ക്ഷേമപദ്ധതികൾ) Sabu Thomas; ed. 336.143(548.3)=M THO G10178
16 Black money and tax evasion in India:magnitude, problems and policy measures Sury, M.M. 336.228.34(540) SUR 73516
17 Banking, financial services and markets:emerging paradigms Manoj P.K, ed. 336.71 MAN G9939
18 Food safety regulatory compliance Blevins, Preston W. 338.439.6 BLE 72611
19 Cases and materials on contract law and specific relief Chopra, D.S. 347.447.5 CHO 73226
20 Stochastic models in life insurance Kollar, Michael 368.021:519.216 KOL 73220
21 Course on mathematical logic Srivastava, Shashi Mohan  510.6 SRI 73189
22 Algebraic combinatorics:walks, trees, tableaux, and more Stanley, Richard P.  519.1/.17 STA 73183
23 Handbook of univariate and multivariate data analysis with IBM SPSS. Ho, Robert  519.23SPSS HOR"2014" 72831
24 The physics of microdroplet Berthier, Jean 532.61:620.3 BER 73373
25 Problems in structural inorganic chemistry Li, Wai-Kee...[] 544.11:546 LIW 72879
26 Wavelets and fractals in earth system sciences Chandrasekhar, E; ed. 550.34:517.443 CHA 73304
27 Terrestrial biosphere-atmosphere fluxes Monson, Russell 551.513 MON 73324
28 City and the coming climate:climate change in the places we live Stone, Brain 551.588.7 STO 73325
29 Applied geological micropalaeontology Kathal, P.K 56:550.8 KAT 73230
30 Glimpses of aquatic biodiversity Natarajan, P...[]; ed. 574.1(26) NAT G10059
31 Principles of environmental physics: plants, animals, and the atmosphere Monteith, John L. 599.3 MON 73301
Applied Science, Management and Technology
32 Microbial bioproducts Sarita G. Bhat; ed. 60 SAR"2014" G10190
33 Fundamentals of microelectronics Razavi, Behzad 621.3.049.77 RAZ"2013" 73415
34 Window functions and their applications in signal processing.  Prabhu, K.M.M. 621.391 PRA 73420
35 Recent advances in structural engineering:proceedings of the selected papers of National conference RACE-2013. Job Thomas; ed. 624 JOB G10187
36 Humic matter in soil and the environment: principles and controversies Tan, Kim H. 631.417.2 TAN 72904
37 Soil physics:an Introduction Shukla, Manoj K. 631.43 SHU 73303
38 Soil degradation, conservation and remediation Osman, Khan Towhid 631.458 OSM 73287
39 Bench mark soils of Kerala Premachandran, P.N; ed. 631.472(548.3) PRE  R G10179
40 Model business letters, emails and other business documents Taylor, Shirley  651.75 TAY 73178
41 Sea food science:advances in chemistry, technology and applications Kim, Se-Kwon; ed. 664.95 KIM 73286
42 Nanoindentation of brittle solids Dey, Arjun 666.3.017 DEY 73285
 Literature, Biography and Fiction
44 Hridayapoorvam Leela Menon 89M-4 LEE/H 72439
45 Things a little bird told me:confessions of the creative mind  Stone, Biz  92(ST0) STO 73722
46 Fado Alexandrino Antunes, Antonio Lobo  F ANT 73715
47 Sons of fortune Archer, Jeffrey  F ARC/SO 73735
48 Yellow emperor's cure Basu, Kunal F BAS/Y 72750
49 Emperor's tomb Berry, Steve F BER/E 72660
50 Last song of Savio De Souza  Binoo K. John F BIN 72723
51 Ship of adventure Blyton, Enid F BLY/SM  CL 72743
52 Jungle Omnibus Bond, Ruskin  F BON/J 71991
53 Palace of illusions Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni F CHI/P 73600
54 Mirror city Chitrita Banerji F CHIT 73724
55 Janitor's boy Clements, Andrew F CLE  CL 72058
56 BFG Dahl, Roald F DAH/BF  CL 73702
57 George's marvellous medicine Dahl, Roald F DAH/GE  CL 73693
58 Matilda Dahl, Roald F DAH/MA  CL 73703
59 Oh yes, I'm single:and so is my girl friend  Datta, Durjoy F DAT/O 73781
60 She broke up I didn't:I just kissed someone else Datta, Durjoy  F DAT/S 73726
61 Whiteout Follett, Ken  F FOL/W 73737
62 Robert Ludlum's the janson command Garrison, Paul F GARR 72681
63 Hill top Gavron, Assaf  F GAV 73720
64 Indian love stories Kakar, Sudhir F KAK/I 72054
65 Plain tales from the hills Kipling, Rudyard  F KIP/P 72974
66 Silver chair Lewis, C.S. F LEW/S  CL 72647
67 Crow blue Lisboa, Adriana  F LIS 73706
68 Fall of five:book four of the lorien legacies Lore, Pittacus  F LORP  CL 72664
69 Magic within Manal Shakir F MANA 73799
70 Tiger's wife Obreht, Tea F OBR/T 73813
71 Dead mens bones:a detective inspector McLean Mystery Oswald, James  F OSW 72199
72 Walls of Delhi Prakash, Uday  F PRA/W 73675
73 Mute anklet Radhika Nathan F RAD/M 73654
74 Inside the haveli Rama Mehta F RAMA 73598
75 Obedient father Sharma, Akhil  F SHAA 73714
76 Beneath a marble sky:a novel of the Taj  Shors, John F SHOR 73749
77 Deep-Sea Shrimp fishery off Kerala coast with emphasis on biology and population characteristics of Plesionika quasigrandis Chace, 1985 Rajool Shanis C. P. 639.512 RAJ T T880
78 Behavioural competency management with special reference to commercial Banks Headquartered in Kerala Vigi V. Nair 336.71:005.336.2 VIG T T884
79 Modelling of ultraviolet and visible emissions in comets Susarla Raghuram 523.64-823 SUS T T857
80 Molecular electrostatics for probing hydrogen bonds, halogen bonds and lone pair-π  interactions and design of receptors for lone pair bearing molecules Neetha Mohan 544.142.4 NEE T T 834
81 Investigations on electron transfer reactions of a few anthracenemethyl sulfides with suitable electron acceptors and related studies Reshma G. 547.672 RES T T803

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