New Arrivals on 25.08.2015


(The following books will be issued after 14.09.2015)        
Title Author Call No. Acc. No.
Generalities, Computer Science & Social Science
1 Rock-bee revisited:robotics competition knowledge based education in engineering Chauhan, Manish  0007.52 CHA 73030
2 Scientific approach to scientific writing Blackwell, John 001.818 BLA 72898
3 Introduction to cryptography with Maple Gómez Pardo, José Luis. 004.056.523 GOM 72832
4 Programming language concept Ghezzi, Carlo 004.43 GHE 72916
5 Law firm librarianship:issues, practice and directions Azzolini, John 02:34 AZZ 72945
6 Tourism and public relations Murugan, Annamalai  338.48:659.4 MUR 73034
7 Governance of genetic resources Rhodes, Catherine 343.583 RHO 72694
8 Using stata for quantitative analysis Longest, Kyle C. 519.23:004.4STATA
9 Physics of invisibility :a story of light and deception Beech, Martin 535.3 BEE 72895
10 Ouantum transport calculations for nanosystems  Hirose, Kenji  538.935 HIR 72894
11 Symmetry and the standard model :mathematics and particle physics Robinson, Matthew B. 539.12:51 ROB 72897
12 Modern course in the quantum theory of solids Han, Fuxiang 539.2 HAN 72617
13 Weed biology and climate change Ziska, Lewis H. 551.588.6:632.51 ZIS 72632
14 Protein NMR techniques Shekhtman, Alexander; ed. 577.112.088 SHE  R 72628
15 Microbial challenge:a public health perspective Krasner, Robert I. 579.63 KRA"2014" 73264
16 Sharks, skates and rays :the biology of elasmobranch fishes Stellman, Dale L.  597.31 STE 73241
Applied Science, Management and Technology
17 Environmental health :indoor exposures, assessments and interventions Myatt, Theodore A; ed. 614.71 MYA 73295
18 Machines & mechanisms:applied kinematic analysis Myszka, David H. 621.8 MYS 73622
19 Complete book of beauty Sunnydale, Helena 646.7 SUN  R 72652
20 Budgeting and financial management for nonprofit organizations Weikart, Lynne A., 658.15 WEI 72786
Art, Literature and Fiction
21 How Sachin destroyed my life :.....but gave an all access pass to the world of cricket Sathaye, Vikram  796.358(089.3)SAT 73682
22 Paryojanmoolak hindi ke vividh roop Misra, Rajendra  89H'276.6 MIS 73349
23 Aaswadan ke aayam Ajitha, K. 89H-4 AJIT G9958
24 Bhayangal Umeshbabu, K. C. 89M-1 UME 72446
25 Vailoppilli :Sahitya niroopanam Vijayan, M.N. 89M-1SR.09 VIJ 73568
26 Malayalathinte bhaavi:bhasha assothranavum manavavikasanavum:padanam (മലയാളത്തിന്റെ ഭാവി:ഭാഷാ ആസൂത്രണവും മാനവവികസനവും:പഠനം) Sethuraman, K. 89M'26 SET 73567
27 Nerinoppam, ennum janangalkkoppam(നേരിനൊപ്പം എന്നും ജനങ്ങൾക്കൊപ്പം...) Achuthanandan, V.S. 89M-4 ACHU/N 72332
28 Chai for beginners:a novel Ainslie, Jane F AIN 73750
29 Life's cricket :you never know till the last ball Bhagwat, Hrishikesh  F BHAH 73033
30 Rusty and the leopard Bond, Ruskin  F BON/RU CL 73659
31 Appointment with death Christie, Agatha  F CHR/A 73711
32 Rose and the yew tree Christie, Agatha F CHR/R 73707
33 Emperor's writings: memories of Akbar the great :a novel Collier, Dirk F COLL 72661
34 Of course I love you Datta, Durjoy  F DAT/O 73782
35 Selected stories by Charles Dickens Dickens, Charles  F DIC/SE 72987
36 Stern men Gilbert, Elizabeth  F GIL/S 73783
37 Guardian angels:brilliant and addictiv Gore, Rohit  F GORR 72672
38 Puthiya Paddyapadhathiyil  mathapithakkalude panku Muraleedharan Mullamattom F HOL/L 73777
39 Way in the world :a sequence  Naipaul, V.S F NAI/W 73679
40 Lu Quartet :super sleuths & other stories Nalini Das F NAL  CL 73743
41 Touching distance :the great Indian MBA dream Prakash, Shiva F PRA/G 72671
42  One you cannot have Preethi,  Shenoy F PREE/O 72732
43 Purple line Priyamvada N Purushotham F PRIM 72966
44 Harry potter and the chamber of secrets Rowling,  J.K  F ROW/CS  CL 73792
45 Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban Rowling, J.K.  F ROW/P  CL 73791
46 Goldfinch Tartt,  Donna F TAR 72670
47 Malakhamaarum chekuthanmaarum(മാലാഖമാരും ചെകുത്താന്മാരും) Brown, Dan  FM BRO/M 72319
48 Udayadakal Gibran, Khalil  FM GIB/U 72411
49 Outpass Kavil, Sadiq  FM SAD/O 72409
50 Parudeesanashtam Subhash Chandran FM SUB/P 72523
51 Ente priyappetta kathakal Sukumaran, M  FM SUKM/E 72364
1 Ecological studies of the Parambikulam tiger reserve in the western ghats of India, using remote sensing and GIS Maghesh,  G. 574:630*1 MAG  T T737
2 Indian law on control of vessel sourced pollution in maritime ports Sony Vijayan 347.79:504.5 SON  T T746
3 Sustainability and consumer preference of wild caught ornamental fishes from kerala:Scope of certification Liya Jayalal 639.34:006.063 LIY  T T791
4 Hydrogeology and hydrochemistry of the aquifer systems of kuttanad area, kerala : their role in understanding the evolution of groundwaters Vinayachandran, N 556.33(548.3) VIN  T T789
5 Synthesis, characterization and applications of hybrid nanocomposites of TiO2 with conducting polymers Sandhya,  K.P 678.01:620.3 SAN  T T794
6 Influence of major operational parameters on aerobic granulation for the treatment of wastewater Bindhu,  B.K 628.16.098.2 BIN  T T751
7 Molecular genetic profiling of functional genes of pearl oyster, pinctada fucata Anju Antony Moonjely 639.412:577.218
8 Marine yeast candida MCCF 101 as feed supplement in aquaculture: nutritional quality, optimization of large scale production and evaluation of its protective effect on koi carp aeromonas infection Sunitha Poulose 639.3:663.127 SUN  T T756
9 Studies on scattering and
thermodynamics of black holes in
F(R) theory and Einstein's theory
Saneesh Sebastian 524.882  SAN  T T865
10 Dayglow emissions on Mars and Venus Sonal Kumar Jain 523.42/.43:551.51

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