New Arrivals on 11.11.2019


(The following books will be issued after 22.11.2019)
Title Author Call No.
Generalities, Computer Science & Social Science
1 History of modern india Sujata Menon (079):94(540) SUJ/H R
2 Verbal ability and reasoning Anand P.A. (079.1):159.955.6 ANA"2018" R
3 CTET central teacher eligibility test
(079.1):377.8 CTE/A R
4 SAT reading grail 2019
(079.1):808 SAT R
5 SAT writing and language grail 2019
(079.1):808.1 SAT R
6 45-Day GRE vocab book 2018
(079.1):811.111 GRE"2018" R
7 Compulsory english Prasad, Hari Mohan (079.1)35.08:811.111 PRA/C R
8 Indian heritage, art and culture Bhagat, Madhukar Kumar (079.1)745(540) BHA/I
9 Beginning data science in R Mailund, Thomas 004.43 MAI/B
10 MATLAB deep learning Kim, Phil 004.432.45 KIM
11 Introduction to programming using python TM Schneider, David I. 004.438PYT SCH
12 Business case analysis with R Brown, Robert D. 004.6 BRO/B
13 Docker for data science Cook, Joshua 004.65 COO/D
14 Complete guide to open source big data stack Frampton, Michael 004.65 FRA/C
15 Data science fundamentals for python and mongoDB Paper, David 004.65 PAP/D
16 Next-generation big data Quinto, Butch 004.65 QUI/N
17 Pro Tableau Seema, Acharya 004.655.3 SEE/P
18 Applied analytics through case studies using SAS and R Gupta, Deepti 004.657 GUP/A
19 Pro hadoop data analytics Koitzsch, Kerry 004.657 KOI/P
20 Learn business analytics in six steps using SAS and R Tripathi, Subhashini Sharma 004.657 TRI/L
21 Machine learning Dutt, Saikat 004.85 DUT/M
22 3D printing
004.925 3D
23 Seeing things as they are Orwell, George 070 ORW/S
24 Pathrapravarthanam thozhilum kalayum(പ(ത(പവർത്തനം തൊഴിലും കലയും) Prabhakaran Puthoor 070 PRA/P
25 Ethics and the history of Indian philosophy Ranganathan,Shyam 1:94(540) RAN/E
26 Twentieth-century analytic philosophy Stroll, Avrum 101 STR/T
27 Ramana maharshi's philosophy of existence and modern science Sithamparanathan J. 101.1 SIT/R
28 Memory Schwartz, Bennett L. 159.953 SCH
29 Man's search for meaning Franki, Viktor E. 159.964.2 FRA/M
30 Counseling strategies and Interventions for professional helpers Cormier, Sherry 159.98 COR/C
31 Index to the names in the mahabharata Sorensen,S 233-265.33 SOR R
32 Roles and rituals for hindu women Leslie, Julia 233-4-055.2 LES/R
33 State and Government in ancient India Altekar, A.S. 291.51 ALT/S
34 Bodhidharma retold Raghu,Acharya Babu.T 294.3(540)(510) RAG/B.1
35 Buddhism transformed Gombrich,Richard 294.3(548.7) GOM/B.8
36 Zen buddhism: a history Dumoulin, Heinrich 294.3:94(34)(510) DUM/Z.1-.2
37 Ancient Indian historical tradition Pargiter,F.E. 294.5:94(34) PAR/A
38 Meaning of the mahabharata Sukthankar, V.S. 294.51 SUK/M
39 Manspotting Bhatia,Ritu 316.83 BHA/M
40 Political thought in modern India Thomas, Pantham ;ed. 32(540) POL
41 Divided Marshall,Tim 327 MAR/D
42 I do what I do Rajan, Raghuram 336.7 RAJ/I
43 Saga of life Vani Kesari A. 34:575 VAN/S
44 Complete public law Webley , Lisa 342 WEB
45 People's constitution De, Rohit 342.4(540) DER/P
46 Why, we can't wait King, Martin Luther, Jr 342.72/.73 KIN/W
47 Women, gender and crime Mallicoat, Stacy L. 343.1-055.2 MAL/W
48 Police law Card, Richard 343.192 CAR
49 Intellectual property and clean energy
343.533 INT
50 Protection of traditional cultural expressions in Africa Nwauche, Enyinna 343.533(6) NWA
51 Economic impacts of intellectual property-conditioned government incentives. Prud'homme, Dan., Ed. 343.533:33 ECO
52 Access to medicine versus test data exclusivity Shaikh, Owais H. 343.533:60 SHA/A
53 Courting injustice Talwar, Rajesh 343.541 TAL/C
54 Criminology Jones, Stephen 343.9 JON
55 Lilavati of bhaskaracarya
51(540) LIL
56 Spatiotemporal random fields Christakos,George 510.67:55 CHR/S
57 Geometry in Ancient and Medieval India Sarasvati,Amma.T.A. 514:94(34) SAR/G
58 Introduction to finite element analysis using solidworks simulation Shih,Randy H. 517.962 SHI/I
59 Third thoughts Weinberg, Steven 52 WEI/T
60 Unknown universe Clark, Stuart 523.1 CLA/U
61 Land surface remote sensing in urban and coastal areas Baghdadi, Nicolas ed. 528.8:502.51 LAN
62 Theory of laser materials processing
535.374 THE
63 Campbell biology Taylor, Martha R. 57 TAY
64 Campbell biology in focus Urry, Lisa. A...[etal] 57 URR/C
65 Secret life of zika virus Ratna, Kalpish 578.8 RAT/S
66 New and future developments in microbial biotechnology and bioengineering
602.4 NEW
67 Current developments in biotechnology and bioengineering Thomaz-Soccol, Vanete, Ed. 602.4 THO/C
68 GUT Enders, Giulia 608.1P END/G
69 Aham Dravyasmi: Prapanchathinte Password അഹം (ദവ്യാസ്മി - Vaisakhan Thampi 608.1P=M VAI/A
70 Environmental health science Lippmann Morton 614.87 LIP
71 Introduction to health physics Johnson,Thomas.E 614.898 JOH/H
72 Post trial access to drugs in developing nations Obi, Evaristus Chiedu 615.32(77) OBI
73 Antimicrobial nanoarchitectonics Grumezescu, Alexandru Mihai;ed 615.33 ANT
74 Contemporary engineering economics Park, Chan S 62:33 PAR/C
75 Electronic waste toxicology and public health issues Fowler, Bruce A. 620.266.1:615.9 FOW/E
76 Pipeline integrity Singh, Ramesh 621.644 SIN/P
77 Studying leadership Schedlitzki Doris 65.012.4 SCH
78 Handbook of Industrial, work and organizational psychology Ones Deniz S. 65.013 HAN R
79 Industrial, work and organizational psychology
65.013(031) IND R
80 Industrial, work and organizational psychology
65.013(031) IND/I R
81 Human resource management Sharma R.C. 658.3 SHA/H
82 Good people, bad managers Culbert, Samuel A. 658.386 CUL/G
83 Introduction to social media marketing Kelsey, Todd 658.8:004.7.738.5 KEL/I
84 Introduction to search engine marketing and AdWords Kelsey, Todd 658.8:004.775 KEL/IN
85 Neuro design Bridger, Darren 658.8:159.9 BRI/N
86 Optimizing data-to-learning-to-action Flinn, Steven 658:005.62 FLI/O
87 Handbook of Epoxy Blends Hameed, Nishar; ed. 669(035) HAN.1-.2 R
Art,Literature, Biography and Fiction
88 Art of ancient India Huntington, Susan L. 7:94(34) HUN/S
89 Indian philosophy of nada and its vocal applications Raikote,B.S. 78.01(540) RAI/I
90 Language development Owens, Robert E. 800.2 OWE/L
91 Applied conversation analysis Lester, Jessica N 808.56 LES/A
92 Mahabharata Narayan, R.K. 820.09 NAR/M
93 Selected poems Das, Jibanananda 820-1 DAS/S
94 Some mad poems some sad poems some bad poems and a short story in verse Kripalani,Jayant 820-1 KRI/S
95 As you like it Shakespeare, William 820-2 SHAK/AS
96 King lear Shakespeare, William 820-2 SHAK/KIN
97 Macbeth Shakespeare, William 820-2 SHAK/MA
98 Measure for measure Shakespeare, William 820-2 SHAK/ME
99 Midsummer night's dream Shakespeare, William 820-2 SHAK/MID
100 Tempest Shakespeare, William 820-2 SHAK/TE
101 Notes of a native son Baldwin, James 820-4 BAL/N
102 Six memos for the next millennium Calvino, Italo 820-4 CAL/S
103 Rebel Camus, Albert 820-4 CAM/R
104 Short history of decay Cioran, E.M. 820-4 CIO/S
105 Best minds of my generation Ginsberg, Allen 820-4 GIN/B
106 Shooting an elephant Orwell, George 820-4 ORW/S
107 Book of simple living Bond,Ruskin 820-94 BON/B
108 Flavours of nationalism Haskar, Nandita 820-94 HAS/F
109 Homage to catalonia Orwell,George 820-94 ORW/H
110 Road to wigan pier Orwell, George 820-94 ORW/R
111 Journey to lhasa Das, Sarat Chandra 820-992 DAS/J
112 Good Motoring Kishie Singh.H 820-992 KIS/G
113 Snow leopard Matthiessen, Peter 820-992 MAT/S
114 Position of women in hindu civilization Altekar, A.S. 891.2.09 ALT/P
115 Plays of kalidasa
891.2.09 PLA
116 Uttararamacarita of bhavabhuti
891.2.09 UTT
117 Works of kalidasa Devadhar, C.R ed. 891.2.09 WOR.1-.2 R
118 History of Sanskrit Literature Dasgupta,Surendra Nath 891.2.091 DAS/H
119 Hindi ke ganmany kavi (हिन्दी के गणमान्य कवि ) Mehta, Shailesh K | 89H-1.09 MEH
120 Hindi kahani parampara aur pragati (हिन्दी कहानी परम्परा और प्रगति ) Hardayal 89H-32.09 HAR
121 Hindi kahani (हिन्दी कहानी ) Rohini Aggarwal 89H-32.09 ROH
122 Studies in the geography of ancient and medieval India Sircar D.C. 91(34)(540) SIR/S
123 Elephant in my kitchen Malby-Anthony, Françoise 911.9:502 MAL/E
124 Strike a blow to change the world Awad, Eknath 92(AWA) AWA
125 Gorbachev Taubman, William 92(GOR) TAU
126 Periodic table Levi, Primo 92(LEV) LEV
127 Life and thought of sankaracarya Pande, Govind Chandra 92(SANK) PAN
128 Face to face Ved, Mehta 92(VED) VED
129 Machine in the ghost Boast, Robin 930 BOA/M
130 History of civilizations of Central Asia Dani, A.H ed. 930.85(5-191.2) HIS.1-.5 R
131 Sudras in ancient India Sharma, Ram Sharan 94:316.344(34) SHA/S
132 Lost kingdom Plokhy, Serhii 947 PLO/L
133 No longer at ease Achebe, Chinua F ACH/N
134 Selected short stories Anand, Mulk Raj F ANA/S
135 Dangle Basu Sutapa F BAS/D
136 Book of light Pinto Jerry F BOO
137 Start in life Brookner, Anita F BRO/S
138 Italian folktales Calvino, Italo F CAL/IT
139 Plague Camus, Albert F CAM/P
140 Honourable schoolboy Carre, John Le F CAR/HON
141 Little drummer girl Carre Johnle F CAR/LI
142 Mission song Carre, John le F CAR/M
143 Naive and sentimental lover Carre, John Le F CAR/N
144 Crossed Knotted
145 Over to you Dahl, Roald F DAH/O
146 Someone like you Dahl, Roald F DAH/S
147 Shadow in the mirror Deepti Menon F DEE/S
148 Turtle dove Divya, Dubey F DIV/T
149 Disoriental Djavadi,Negar F DJA/D
150 Adventures of sherlock holmes Doyle, Arthur Conan F DOY/A
151 Quiet American Greene, Graham F GRE/Q
152 Jukebox Banerjee, Priyanka Roy;ed F JUK
153 Burrow Kafka, Franz F KAF/B
154 Metamorphosis and other stories Kafka, Franz F KAF/M
155 Thousand cranes Kawabata, Yasunari F KAW/TH
156 Dove's Lament Kirthi, Jayakumar F KIR/DOV
157 Nothing Kureishi, Hanif F KUR/N
158 Prince Machiavelli, Niccolo F MAC/P
159 Domoruchorit Mukhopadhyay,Troilokyonath F MUK/D
160 Museum of memories Mukherjee, Amrita F MUK/M
161 Kanha to krishna Mullick, Pranab F MUL/K
162 Wind-up bird chronicle Murakami, Haruki F MUR/WI
163 Real life of sebastian knight Nabokov, Vladimir F NAB/R
164 Lively library & an unlikely romance Niranjan, Navalgund F NIR/L
165 Lion and the unicorn Orwell, George F ORW/L
166 Shame Rushdie, Salman F RUS/SH
167 Boy who loved trains Sapra, Deepak F SAP/B
168 Manual of painting and calligraphy Saramago, jose F SAR/M
169 Magician of lublin Singer, Isaac Bashevis F SIN/M
170 Rain Subramanian, Sriram F SUB/RA
171 Make-believe prince,toddy-cat the bold Tagore, Abanindranath F TAG/MA
172 Red tin roof Verma, Nirmal F VER/RE
173 When They Spoke Arpita, Banerjee ;ed. F WHE
174 Ettamathe velipadu (എട്ടാമത്തെ വെളിപാട്) Anoop, Sasikumar FM ANO/E
175 Penkakka (പെൺകാക്ക) Arshad, Bathery FM ARS/P
176 Kalppanikkaran (കല്‍പ്പണിക്കാരന്‍) Asokan, Charuvil FM ASO/KA
177 Abeesagin (അബീശഗിൻ ) Benyamin FM BEN/AB
178 Prathiyogi (പതിയോഗി) Carrere, Emmanuel FM CAR/P
179 Bandhanangalillatha sundari (ബന്ധനങ്ങളില്ലാത്ത സുന്ദരി) Gardner, Erle Stanley FM GAR/B
180 Bhagyavanaya parajithan (ഭാഗ്യവാനായ പരാജിതന്‍) Gardner, Erle Stanley FM GAR/BA
181 Ente Priyappetta Kathakal (എൻറ (പിയപ്പെട്ട കഥകൾ ) Gracy FM GRA/E
182 Kurudan kooman (കുരുടന്‍ കൂമന്‍ ) Hidayat, Sadegh FM HID/K
183 Snow country Kawabata, Yasunari FM HOS/PA
184 Chumbanasabdatharavali (ചുംബനശബ്ദതാരാവലി ) Indu, Menon FM IND/C
185 Laika (ലെയ്ക്ക ) James, V.J FM JAM/L
186 Nidramoshanam (നി(ദാ മോഷണം ) Jeevan, Job Thomas FM JEE/N
187 Franz kafka - moonnu novalukal ((ഫാന്‍സ് കാഫ്ക - മൂന്നു നോവലുകള്‍ ) Kafka, Franz FM KAF/FR
188 Nichatham (നിച്ചാത്തം) Kannankutty, P FM KAN/NI
189 Odiyan (ഒടിയന്‍ ) Kannankutty, P FM KAN/O
190 Prathijnayum Mattu Pradhana Kathakalum ( ‘(പതിജ്ഞ’ യും മറ്റു പ്രധാന കഥകളും ) Kesavadev, P FM KES/PR
191 Thrikkottoor kathakal (തൃക്കോട്ടൂര്‍ കഥകള്‍) Khader, U.A. FM KHA/THR
192 Statue p. o (സ്റ്റാച്യു പി.ഒ. ) Lal, S R FM LAL/ST
193 Chathachan (ചാത്തച്ചന്‍ ) Manoharan, V. Perakam FM MAN/CH
194 Chirikunna Marappava(ചിരിക്കുന്ന മരപ്പാവ) Muhammad Basheer, Vaikom FM MUH/C
195 Kanyakashmir (കന്യാകാഷ്മീര്‍ ) Muhammed, A M FM MUH/KAN
196 Murukan enna pampattiyum mattu kathakalum(മുരുകന്‍ എന്ന പാമ്പാട്ടിയും മറ്റു കഥകളും) Narayana Pillai, M.P FM NAR/MUR
197 Pennarasu (പെണ്ണരശ്) Rajeev Sivasankar FM RAJ/PE
198 Manja nadhikalude sooryan (മഞ്ഞ നദികളുടെ സൂര്യന്‍ ) Sheeba, E.K FM SHE/M
199 Vanku (വാങ്ക്) Unni, R. FM UNN/V
200 Kinginithumbi (കിങ്ങിണിത്തുമ്പി) Rajasekharan S 89M-1 RAJ CL



New Arrivals on 01.11.2019


(The following books will be issued after 10.11.2019)
Title Author Call No.
Generalities, Computer Science & Social Science
1 Digital control systems Veloni, Anastasia 004.312.466 VEL/D
2 Python Programming Thareja, Reema 004.438PYT THA
3 Robot programming Hughes,Cameron 004.896 HUG
4 Organisational Studies in India
005.72(540) ORG
5 Dictionary of journalism Harcup, Tony 070(038) HAR/D
6 Introduction to social psychology Shetgovekar, Suhas 159.9.07 SHE
7 Aspects of political ideas and institutions in ancient India Ram Sharan Sharma 2:1:94(34) RAM/A
8 Mayamata: An indian treatise on housing architecture and iconography
2-523.42:7.046(540) MAY
9 Indian ideology Chatterjee, Partha 316.75(540) CHA/I
10 Competition innovation, and growth in Japan Honjo, Yuji., Ed. 33:005.7(520) COM
11 Labour state and society in rural India Pattenden, Jonathan 331(540) PAT
12 Reclaiming development in the world trading system Lee, Yong-Shik 339.5:341 LEE/R
13 Legal language, legal writing and general English Gandhi B.M. 340.113 GAN/L
14 What works in crime prevention and rehabilitation
343.9 WHA
15 Patent assertion entities and competition policy
347.771 PAT
16 Logics of gender justice Htun, Mala 347.962-055.2 HTU
17 Indian Samooha Vidyabhyasam Thatvasastra Veekshanangal (ഇന്ത്യൻ സമൂഹവിദ്യാഭ്യാസം തത്ത്വശാസ്(ത വീക്ഷണങ്ങൾ) N Sreevrinda Nair 37.013(540)=M SRE/I
18 Triumph of the snake goddess Haq,Kaiser 398.22 HAQ/T
Science and management
19 Bird's comprehensive engineering mathematics Bird, John 51:62 BIR/B
20 Laplace equation Medkova Dagmar 517.956.225 MED
21 Hunt for vulcan Levenson, Thomas 524-86 LEV/H
22 Applied Physics Kakani, S L 53 KAK/A
23 Modern optics and photonics of nano- and microsystems Kulchin, N. Yu. 535.14 KUL/M
24 Progress in ultrafast intense laser science XIII Yamanouchi, Kaoru; ed. 535.374 PRO
25 Physics Kirkby, Lowry A 539 KIR/P
26 Chemistry McMurry, John E. 54 MCM/C
27 Ultrafast optics and spectroscopy in physical chemistry Bhattacharya, Atanu 543.42 BHA/U
28 Essential organic chemistry Bruice, Paula Yurkanis 547 BRU/E
29 Pornistan Gautam, Aditya 613.88 GAU/P
30 Aerobiology Salem, Harry; ed. 615(203) AER
31 Nanotoxicology
615.9:620.1.03 NAN
32 Intelligent vibration control in civil engineering structures Xu, Zhao Dong 620.17 XU/I
33 Li-S batteries
621.352.1 LIT
34 Digital signal processing Alexander, Winser 621.391.8 ALE/D
35 Mobile phone behavior
621.395.721.5 YAN
36 Fire pump arrangements at industrial facilities Nolan, Dennis P. 621.68 NOL/F
37 Adhesives in manufacturing Schneberger, Gerald L.ed. 621.792 ADH
38 Strategic management of flood risk Mcluckie,Duncan 627.53 MCL/S
39 Wastewater treatment and reuse Qasim, Syed R 628.3 QAS.1-.2
40 Uncertainties in GPS positioning Oxley, Alan 629.056 OXL/U
41 Business in Action Bovee, Courtland L 658 BOV/B
42 Business Essentials Ebert, Ronald J 658 EBE/B
43 International Business Wild, John J 658(100) WIL/I
44 Gas and oil reliability engineering Calixto,Eduardo 665.62 CAL/G
Art, Literature, Biography, Fiction
45 Indian sculpture Kramrisch, Stella 730(540) KRA/I
46 Football in sun and shadow Galeano, Eduardo 796.33 GAL/F
47 Subaltern Speaks Bhowal, Sanatan 820.09 BHO/S
48 Twelfth night Shakespeare, William 820-2 SHAK/T
49 Gandhi, Ambedkar, Lohia aur Bhartiya Itihas Ki Samasyayen (गाँधी, अम्बेडकर, लोहिअ और भारतीय इतिहास की समस्याएँ) Sharma,Ramvilas 89H.09 SHA/G
50 Nirala ke kavy ka kalapaksheey parisheelan (निराला के काव्य का कलापक्षीय परिशीलन ) Agniahotri,Prem Narayan 89H-1.09 AGN
51 Dakkhin Tola (दक्खिन टोला ) Kamlesh 89H-32 KAM/D
52 Samakaleen Hindi kahani aur mulya Chethna ( समकालीन हिन्दी कहानी और मुल्य चेतना ) Mamta Sharma 89H-32.09 MAM
53 Samkaleen Hindi kahani (समकालीन हिन्दी कहानी ) Shailja 89H-32.09 SHA/S
54 Suvisesham Utharakeralathil (സുവിശേഷം ഉത്തരകേരളത്തിൽ) Kurup K.K.N. 89M.09 KUR/S
55 Pralayananthara manavikatha: sabarimalayute paschathalathil Rajeevan,B 89M.09 RAJ/P
56 Duranthanatakam Ajayyathayute Amarasamgeetham (ദുരന്തനാടകം ആജയ്യതയുടെ അമരസംഗീതം) Sanoo M.K 89M.09 SAN/D
57 Noottiyonnu attakkathakal (നൂറ്റിയൊന്ന് ആട്ടക്കഥകൾ) Venugopalan,P. 89M-1(08) VEN/N.1-.2
58 Rachanayum vayanayum (രചനയും വായനയും) Varmaji, R.S 89M-4 VAR/R
59 Naveena Upanyasamalika (നവീന ഉപന്യാസമാലിക ) Harikumar Meenadom 89M-4.09 HAR
60 Vidhikkusesham (വിധിക്കുശേഷം Fauziyya Hassan 89M-94 FOU/V
61 Ente jeevithathile chilar (എൻറ ജീവിതത്തിലെ ചിലർ) Meera, K.R. 89M-94 MEE/E
62 Geography Holt-Jensen Arild 911 HOL/G
63 My life Chagall, Marc 92(CHA) CHA
64 Wisdom Curnow, Trevor 930.9 CUR/W
65 In diasporic lands Basu,Sudeep 94(515)-053.73 BAS/I
66 America's middlemen Grynaviski, Eric 94(73) GRY/A
67 Birds of prey Archana, Sarat F ARC/BI
68 When I Hid My Caste Bagul, Baburao F BAG/W
69 Bose, Rhiti ; ed. Defiant Dreams F DEF/D
70 Year of the hawks Deol,Kanwaljit F DEO/Y
71 Onaatah of the earth Duttagupta, Paulami F DUT/O
72 Switch Finder, Joseph F FIN/S
73 From an other land Ghosh, Tanushree F GHO/FR
74 For Whom the Bell Tolls Hemingway, Ernest F HEM/F
75 Closely Watched Trains Hrabal Bohumil F HRA/CL
76 Unsafe asylum Kala, Anirudh F KAL/U
77 Yudhisthira Mallar,Chatterjee F MAL/Y
78 House for mr mishra Misra, Jaishree F MIS/HO
79 Laughter in the dark Nabokov Vladimir F NAB/L
80 Confessions on an island Pal, Ayan F PAL/C
81 Too Like the Lightning Palmer, Ada F PAL/T
82 Who stole my memories Sanyal DE, Maitrayee F SAN/W
83 Man Women and Child Segal Erich F SEG/M
84 Maigret and the tramp Simenon,Georges F SIM/MAI
85 In dubious battle Steinbeck, John F STE/IN
86 Long valley Steinbeck, john F STE/L
87 In the light of darkness Tabrez, Radhika Maira F TAB/I
88 Collected shorter fiction Tolstoy,Leo F TOL/C.1
89 Upcountry Tales Tully, Mark F TUL/U
90 Confusion Zweig ,Stefan F ZWE/CO
91 Ayirathonnu Ravukal (1001 രാവുകൾ ) Karunakaran, Nair E.A. FM KAR/AY
92 Bahishkrithar (ബഹിഷ്കൃതർ) Limbale,Sharankumar FM LIM/BA
93 Avalude sayaneeyasayiyamavanorushasil (അവളുടെ ശയനീയശായി യാമവനൊരുഷസ്സിൽ) Manoj, Jathavedaru FM MAN/AV
94 Bicyle Realism (ബൈസിക്കിള്‍ റിയലിസം) B.Murali FM MUR/B
95 Thankam (തങ്കം) Sebastian, K A FM SEB/T
96 Neelatheevandi (നീലത്തീവണ്ടി) Shahina, E.K. FM SHA/N
97 Payyante Rajavu (പയ്യൻറ രാജാവ് ) V.K.N FM VKN/PAY
Childrens literature
98 Indiayile mun rashtrapathimar (ഇൻഡൃയിലെ മുൻരാഷ്(ടപതിമാ൪) Kallatt, S.R 89M-4 KAL/I CL
99 Mummy fairy and me Kinsella, Sophie F KIN/M CL
100 Illustrated Classics (ഇലസ്(ടേറ്റഡ് ക്ലാസ്സിക്സ്) Servandes Megail D FM ILL CL



New Arrivals on 10.10.2019


(The following books will be issued after 21.10.2019)
Title Author Call No.
Generalities, Computer Science & Social Science
1 SAT subject test :math level 1 Wolf, Ira k. (079.1):51SAT IRA/S
2 SAT subject test Ku, Richard (079.1):51SAT KU/S
3 Starting out with C++ Gaddis, Tony 004.438C++ GAD/S
4 Problem solving with C++ Savitch, Walter 004.438C++ SAV/P
5 Objects first with java Barnes, David J. 004.438JAVA BAR/O
6 Introduction to java programming and data structures Liang,Y. Danel 004.438JAVA LIA/I
7 Modern database management Hoffer, Jeffrey A 004.65 HOF/M
8 Network security essentials Stallings, William STA/N
9 Meetings with remarkable manuscripts Hamel De Christopher 091(4) HAM/M
10 Women in Political Thought Ramaswamy,Sushila 141.72 RAM/W
11 Introduction to logic Gensler, Harry J 164 GEN/I
12 Dharmanand Kosambi :the essential writings Kosambi Dharmanand 24-426 KOS
13 Bhisma Devavrata Mcgrath Kevin 294.51.8 MCG/B
14 Samkaleen Hindi dalit sahitya (समकालीन हिन्दी दलित साहित्य ) (taki sanad rahe (ताकि सनद रहे) Chauhan,Surajpal 301.185.109=H CHA
15 Voting rights of refugees Ziegler, Ruvi 314.151.3-054.73 ZIE
16 Chaos in the liberal order
327(73)"20" CHA
17 Growth, employment, and poverty in Latin America Cruces,Guillermo 330.32(8) CRU/G
18 New spirit of capitalism Boltanski,Luc 330.342.14 BOL/N
19 Hamilton Kirk; ed. National Wealth 330.43 NAI
20 Political ecology of survival
332.142.6 POL
21 Great Debates in Jurisprudence McBride, Nicholas J 34 MCB
22 Natural law jurisprudence
34 NAT
23 Reinforcing rule of law oversight in the european union Closa, Carlos,ed. 340.131:061.1EU REI
24 Use of economics in international trade and investment disputes Jansen, Marion. 341.215WTO USE
25 Implementing article 3 of the united nations convention on the rights of the child Sutherland, Elaine., ed 341.231.14 IMP
26 Provisional measures before international courts and tribunals Miles, Cameron 341.645 MIL
27 Privacy and power
343.45 PRI
28 Commercial appropriation of fame Tan, David 343.533 TAN
29 Importance of place
347.77(91) IMP
30 Stree-prashn (स्त्री-प्रश्न ) Namita Singh 396:141.72=H
31 Theory of groups and symmetries Isaev, Alexey P 512.542 ISA
32 Permutation groups and cartesian decompositions Praeger,Cheryl E 512.542.7 PRA
33 Non-associative normed algebras Garcia,Miguel Cabrera 512.554 GAR.1
34 Non-associative normed algebras Garcia,Miguel Cabrera 512.554 GAR.2
35 Combinatorial matrix theory Brualdi,Richard.A 512.643 BRU/C
36 Spectral geometry of the laplacian Urakawa, Hajime 514.12 URA
37 Differential geometry of three dimensions Weatherburn, C.E. 514.7 WEA/D.1
38 Differential geometry of three dimensions Weatherburn, C.E. 514.7 WEA/D.2
39 Homotopy theory of (∞,1)-categories Bergner, Julia E. 515.143 BER
40 Introduction to calculus and classical analysis Hijab, Omar 517.97 HIJ
41 Fundamentals of functional analysis Farenick, Douglas 517.98 FAR
42 Abstract duality pairs in analysis Swartz,Charles 517.98 SWA
43 Probability on graphs Grimmett,Geoffrey 519.17 GRI
44 Probability on trees and networks Lyons,Russell 519.172.1 LYO
45 Analysis of correlated data with SAS and R Shoukri, Mohammed M 519.24 SHO/A
46 Graphene nanomaterials Mishra, Satyendra 549.21:620.1.03 MIS/G
47 Biophysical chemistry Klostermeier, Dagmar 577.3 KLO/B
48 Empirical bioethics
608.1 EMP
49 Mental Healers Zweig,Stefan 616.89:92(MES) ZWE/M
50 Pulsed laser ablation Mihailescu, Ion N; ed 621.375.826 PUL
51 Business ethics Crane,Andrew 658:174.4 CRA
52 Shape-memory polymer device design Safranski, David L. 678.7 SAF/S
53 Elaboration and applications of metal-organic frameworks
678:547.1 ELA.2
Art, Literature, Biography,Fiction
54 Cinema ( सिनेमा ) Bhardwaj,Vinod 791.1=H BHA
55 Very Old Machine: the many origins of the cinema in India Mahadevan,Sudhir 791.4(540) MAH/V
56 Politics as performance Srinivas,S.V. 791.43(540.63):32 SRI
57 Samakaleen Hindi sahithya kosh (समकालीन हिंदी साहिथ्य कोश ) Solanki, K.R 811.214.21(031.038)=H SOL.1-.6
58 Anuvad kala (अनुवाद कला ) Anila V. Jhala 81'25=H ANI
59 Great Books of China Wood,Frances 82(091)(510) WOO/G
60 Thousand yearnings Russell Ralph 820(=21) RUS/T
61 Hamlet Shakespeare, William 820-2 SHA/H
62 Shakespeare, popularity and the public sphere Doty, Jeffrey S 820-2.09 DOT/S
63 Feel Free Smith,Zadie 820-4 SMI/F
64 Writings of Bipan Chandra
820-4:954(540) BIP/M
65 Kailash manasarovar Karwal, Anita 820-992 KAR/K
66 Field days Johnsingh AJT 820-992(5-12) JOH/F
67 Navatyuttar Hindi Kavithaki noothan pravrthiyam (नवत्युत्तर हिन्दी कविता की नूतन प्रवृतियां )
89H-1.09 NAV
68 Kavi ki nai duniya Shambhunath 89H-1.09 SHA
69 Samkaleen Hindi natak aur rangmanch (समकालीन हिन्दी नाटक और रंगमंच ) Mohan Narendra.ed. by 89H-2.09 SAM
70 Ente anungal (എന്‍റെ ആണുങ്ങള്‍) Nalini, Jameela 89M-94 NAL/E
71 Vanayathra (വനയാ(ത ) Vinodkumar,R 89M-992 VIN/V
72 Good morning, Mr.Mandela Grange, Zelda la 92(GRA) GRA
73 Hindi men atmakadha sahithya ( हिन्दी में आत्मकथा साहित्य ) Meena J. Rawal 92=H MEE
74 Past of the outcaste Bhattacharya, Sabyasachi; ed. 94:301.185.1(540) PAS
75 Short History of Aurangzib Sarkar,Jadunath 954"1618/1707" SAR/S
76 To hell and back Anurag, Anand F ANU/T
77 When padma bani paula Anupama Jain F ANU/W
78 Man who walked through walls Ayme, Marcel F AYM/M
79 Love is Blind Boyd,William F BOY/L
80 Jane eyre Bronte, Charlotte F BRO/JA
81 Poirot investigates Christie, Agatha F CHR/POI
82 Love killers Collins, Jackie F COL/LO
83 Lost letters of William Woolf Cullen, Helen F CUL/L
84 Very best of Sherlock Holmes Doyle, Arthur Conan F DOY/V
85 There's a carnival today Indra Bahadur Rai F IND/T
86 Out with lanterns Kirpalani, Alisha Priti F KIR/O
87 King, Queen, Knave Nabokov, Vladimir F NAB/K
88 House of discord Peerbhoy, Sadiqa F PEE/H
89 Padmavati Sutapa Basu F SUT/P
90 Samkaaleen Hindi upanyas ( समकालीन हिन्दी उपन्यास ) Mohanan .N FH.09 MOH
91 Pithrukkalude Mausoleum (പിതൃക്കളുടെ മുസോളിയം) Antony, P.J.J. FM ANT/P
92 Thottappan (തൊട്ടപ്പൻ) Francis Noronha FM FRA/TH
93 Oru geishayude ormakkurippukal (ഒരു ഗയിഷയുടെ ഓര്‍മ്മക്കുറിപ്പുകള്‍ ) Golden, Arthur FM GOL/O
94 John abrahaminte kathakal (ജോൺ എ(ബഹാമിന്‍റെ കഥകള്‍) John, Abraham FM JOH/J
95 Maranamas (മരണമാസ്) Pramod Raman FM PRA/MA
96 Mariya verum mariya (മരിയ വെറും മരിയ) Sandhya Mary FM SAN/MA
97 Khamaruneesayude koottukari (ഖമറുന്നീസയുടെ കൂട്ടുകാരി) Sathishbabu, Payyannur FM SAT/K
98 Kilikkoodu (കിളിക്കൂട്) Sethu FM SETU/KIL
99 Pipeelika (പിപീലിക) Yama FM YAM/P
Childrens Literature
100 Great Indian speeches children O'Brien Derek 82-5(540) GRE CL


New Arrivals on 21.10.2019


(The following books will be issued after 31.10.2019)
Title Author Call No.
Generalities, Computer Science & Social Science
1 Handbook of verbal reasoning Banerjee,Surendra Nath (079.1):155.955.6 BAN R
2 ACT :reading grail 2019
(079.1): ACT R
3 B.Arch entrance examination jee Paper 2 and NATA
(079.1):378.2 BAR"2018" R
4 Chemical engineering Gupta, Om Prakash (079.1):66.0 GUP"2018" R
5 Indian Polity
(079.1)32 CEN"2019" R
6 Visual C# Deitel, Paul 004.438C# DEI/V
7 Java software solutions Lewis, John 004.438JAVA LEW"2018"
8 Introduction to programming and problem-solving using SCALA Lewis, Mark C 004.438SCA LEW
9 Data science handbook Cady,Field 004.657 CAD/D
10 E-commerce 2017 Laudon, Kenneth C. 004.738.5:339 LAU/E
11 Computational thinking for the modern problem solver Riley,David.D 004.81:159.955 RIL/C
12 Journalism and the periodical press in nineteenth-century Britain
070.19(410) JOU
13 Media analysis techniques Berger, Arthur Asa 070.447 BER/M
14 Life competencies for growth and success Agochiya, Devendra 159.947.5 AGO
15 Hindi dalit sahitya ka vikas (हिन्दी दलित साहित्य का विकास )
301.185.1.09=H HIN
16 Dalit darshan ki vaichariki (दलित दर्शन की वैचारिकी ) Viplavi, B.R. 301.185.1.09=H VIP
17 Dalit painther (दलित पैन्थर )
301.185.1=H DAL
18 Economics Parkin, Michael 330 PAR/E
19 Economics of money, banking, and financial markets Mishkin, Frederic S. 330.1 MIS/E
20 Cognitive capitalism Rindermann, Heiner 330.148 RIN
21 Mega-regional trade agreements
339.54 MEG
22 Cambridge companion to the United States Constitution Orren, Karen 342(73) ORR/C
23 Sociology of transnational constitutions Thornhill, Chris 342:341 THO
24 Personal data in competition, consumer protection and intellectual property law Bakhoum, Mor 343.533 BAK/P
25 Poverty matters :Covering deprivation in India Nagaraj, K 364.662 NAG
26 Learning How to Learn : how to succeed in school without spending all your time studying Oakley, Barbara A 37.091 OAK
27 Seemantani updesh (सीमन्तनी उपदेश )
396:141.72=H SEE
28 Lady mathematician in this strange universe Choquet-Bruhat, Yvonne 510-94 CHO
29 Algebra for science and engineering students Lockwood, E.H. 512 LOC/A
30 Riders in geometry Hill,T.H. Ward 514 HIL
31 Elementary co-ordinate geometry Ramsey, A.S. 514.11 RAM/E
32 Solid geometry Godfrey,C. 516 GOD/S
33 Elementary integral calculus Parsons, G. Lewingdon 517.3 PAR/E
34 Elementary differential equations Kuttler, Kenneth 517.91 KUT
35 Mathematical methods in science and engineering Bayin S. Selcuk 51-7:5+6 BAY
36 Mathematical Statistics Bickel, Peter J 519.22 BIC.2 R
37 Discrete data analysis with R Friendly, Michael 519.23 FRI
38 College physics Young, Hugh.D 53 YOU/C
39 Modern approach to quantum mechanics Townsend, John S 530.145 TOW/M
40 Statistical mechanics Kakani S.L. 531.19 KAK/S
41 Nanophotonics and plasmonics
535.14:620.3 NAN
42 Organic spectroscopy Singh, Pradeep Pratap 535.333 SIN/O
43 Non-equilibrium thermodynamics for engineers Kjelstrup S...[] 536.75 KJE/N
44 Practical physical chemistry Viswanathan, B. 541.1 VIS/P
45 Semiconductor Photochemistry and Photophysics
541.14:535 SEM.10
46 Advanced inorganic chemistry Hosmane, Narayan S. 546 HOS
47 Textbook of Inorganic Chemistry Sodhi,G S. 546 SOD/T
48 Brock biology of microorganisms Madigan, Michael T...[] 579.22 MAD"2019"
49 Mechanics of materials Hibbeler R.C. 620.17 HIB"2018"
50 Nanomaterials for supercapacitors
621.355:620.3 NAN
51 Mechanical vibrations Rao Singiresu S 621.8.034 RAO"2018"
52 Air conditioning system design Legg, Roger 628.84 LEG/A
53 Business research methods Bajpai, Naval 65.012.1 BAJ
54 BA in leadership and management :skills for the workplace student year book, final year Maund, Andrew 65.012.4 MAU/B
55 BA in Leadership and management Maund, Andrew 65.012.4 MAU/BA
56 Consumer culture theory Arnould,Eric J. 659.113.25 CON
Art, Literature , Biography, Fiction
57 Hindi sahity ka gouravshali etihas (हिन्दी साहित्य का गौरवशाली इतिहास ) Solanki,Ashok 811.214.21(91)=H SOL
58 New selected poems Paulin, Tom 820-1 PAU/N
59 Great railway bazaar Theroux, Paul 820-992 THE/G
60 I'am not here to give a speech Marquez, Gabriel Garcia 82-5 MAR/I
61 Penguin book of modern speeches
82-5 PEN/P
62 Alochana ka atmsangharsh (आलोचना का आत्मसंघर्ष )
89H.09 ALO
63 Antim do dashkon ka Hindi-sahitya (अन्तिम दो दशकों का हिंदी-साहित्य )
89H.09 ANT
64 Aalochana ka aadhunik bodh (आलोचना का आधुनिक बोध ) Mishra,Ramdarash 89H.09 MIS
65 Omprakash Valmiki (ओमप्रकाश वाल्मीकि )
89H.09 OMP
66 Shor ke viruddh srajan (शोर के विरुद्ध सृजन )
89H.09 SHO
67 Itihas ki ranbhoomi aur sahitya (इतिहास की रणभूमि और साहित्य ) Tiwari,Ajay 89H.09 TIW/I
68 Uttaraadhunikta (उत्तरआधुनिकता )
89H.09 UTT
69 Aadhunik Hindi kavita (आधुनिक हिंदी कविता ) Prasad,Kamla 89H-1.09 PRA
70 Nagarjun ki kavitha (नागार्जुन की कविता) Tiwari,Ajay 89H-1.09 TIW/N
71 Kal parson ke barson (कल परसों के बरसों) Mamita Kalia 89H-94 MAM
72 Himagiriviharam (ഹിമഗിരി വിഹാരം) Tapovanam, Sri.Swami 89M-992 TAP/H
73 Adhunik sahityakar aur unki prtinidhi rachnaeai ( आधुनिक साहित्यकार और उनकी प्रतिनिथी रचनाएं Asha Gupta 92:89H ASH
74 India Dissents Vajpeyi Ashok 930.85(540) IND
75 Ancient India Majumdar, R.C. 94(34) MAJ
76 World war I and the American constitution Ross William G. 940.3:342.4(73) ROS
77 Girl who couldn't love Antony, Shinie F ANT/G
78 Assassination of rajat gandy Anurag, Anand F ANU/A
79 Legend of genghis khan Basu, Sutapa F BAS/L
80 Lost honour of katharina blum or how violence develops and where it can lead Boll, Heinrich F BOL/L
81 Window to her dreams Harshali, Singh F HAR/W
82 Cantilevered tales Kripalani, Jayant F KRI/C
83 Siege of cricket Kumar, Ramendra F KUM/S
84 Mrs.Craddock Maugham, W. Somerset F MAUG/MR
85 Unseeing Idol of light Meera, K.R F MEE/U
86 Mock stalk and quarrel
87 Little birds Nin, Anais F NIN/L
88 Maigret christmas and other stories Simenon, Georges F SIM/MA
89 Sinbad the sailor and other Arabian nights adventures
90 Centre court Subramanian, Sriram F SUB/C
91 Lost and found in banaras Verma, Mona F VER/L
92 Dardja (दर्दजा ) Jaishree Roy FH JAI
93 Shabda pakheroo (शब्द पखेरू ) Nasera Sharma FH NAS/S
94 Iruttinte hridayam (ഇരുട്ടിന്‍റെ ഹൃദയം) Joseph Conrad FM CON/I
95 Parvathangalile kattu (പര്‍വ്വതങ്ങളിലെ കാറ്റ്) George, Onakkoor FM GEOO/P
96 Thiranjedutha kathakal (തിരഞ്ഞെടുത്ത കഥകള്‍) Nirmalkumar, K.P FM NIR/T
97 Missis sherlock holmes (മിസ്സിസ്സ് ഷെർലക് ഹോംസ്) Nishad, V.H. FM NIS/M
98 Kathakal (കഥകള്‍) Omanakkuttan, C.R. FM OMA/K
99 Hanumanum arjunanum mattu kathakalum ( ഹനുമാനും അർജുനനും മറ്റു കഥകളും) Sumangala FM SUM/H CL
100 Little ninja sparrows Lal Ranjit F LAL/L CL


New Arrivals on 01.10.2019


(The following books will be issued after 10.10.2019)
Title Author Call No.
Generalities, Computer Science & Social Science
1 Heuristic inquiry Sultan, Nevine 001.8 SUL
2 Cyber security engineering Mead, Nancy R 004.056.53 MEA
3 Evolutionary approach to machine learning and deep neural networks. Iba, Hitoshi 004.89 IBA
4 Automata computability and complexity Rich, Elaine 004:519 RIC
5 Careers in media and communication Smith, Stephanie A 07 SMI
6 Media aur loktantra (मीडिया और लोकतन्त्र) Misra, Raveendranath 070:321.7=H MED
7 Patrakarita (पत्रकारिता) Mishra, Krishna Bihari 070=H MIS
8 Power of positivity Banerjee, Padmakalai 159.923 BAN
9 Book of man Osho 2-584 OSH/T
10 Shyam :an Illustrated retelling of the Bhagavata Pattanaik, Devdutt 294.526.825 PAT
11 Hello world Fry, Hannah 316.422.44 FRY
12 Poonjeevaad aur soochana ka yug (पूंजीवाद और सूचना का युग ) McChesney, Robert W 330.342.141 POO
13 This fight is our fight Warren, Elizabeth 338.2(73) WAR
14 Technology and Globalisation David Pretel 339.9:62 TEC
15 International criminal tribunals May, Larry 341.645.2 MAY
16 Dimensions of dignity Weinrib Jacob 342 WEI
17 Complications and quandaries in the ICT sector Bharadwaj, Ashish 343.533 COM
18 Security interests in intellectual property
343.533 SEC
19 Footprints of feist in european database directive Gupta, Indranath 343.533(4) GUP
20 Criminal behavior Bartol R. Curt 343.97 BAR
21 Insurance :principles and practice. for graduation and professional course Mishra M.N. 368.013 MIS/I
22 Exploring mathematics: an engaging introduction to proof Meier, John 510 MEI
23 Fuzzy sets theory preliminary Lin, Hao-Ran 510.22 LIN
24 Introduction to fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic Mohan,Chander 510.221 MOH
25 Course on abstract algebra Eie, Minking 512.02 EIE
26 Lipschitz algebras Weaver, Nik 512.02 WEA
27 Inverse galois theory Malle, Gunter 512.623.3 MAL
28 Elementary linear algebra Spence, Lawrence E 512.64 SPE
29 Introduction to the theory of lie groups Godement Roger 512.812 GOD
30 Infinite group theory
512.818 INF
31 Differential equations with applications and historical notes Human genetics 517.912 SIM
32 Generalized Inverses: theory and computations Wang, Guorong 517.983 WAN
33 Briefer history of time Hawking, Stephen 524.8 HAW
34 Understanding optics with python Lakshminarayanan, Vasudevan 535:005.438 LAK
35 Heat transfer :a conceptual approach Sarma,P.K. 536.24 SAR/H
36 Chemistry for changing times Hill, John W 54 HIL
37 Little Book about Big Chemistry Massy,Jim 54:678 MAS/A
38 Human genetics Gardner, A 575 GAR
39 Blowfish's Oceanopedia Tom Hird 591.5(26) HIR/B
40 Handbook on marine environment protection
628.196(035) HAN.2
41 Collaborating for our Future Gray,Barbara 658.114.2 GRA/C
42 Retail beyond detail Vedamani, Gibson G 658.87(540) VED
43 Creating and capturing value through crowdsourcing
658:004.738.5.339 CRE
44 Managing resource abundance and wealth Moses,Jonathon Wayne 665.6 MOS/M
45 Biopolymer grafting synthesis and properties Thakur, Vijay Kumar 678.83 BIO
Art, Literature , Biography, Fiction
46 Pariyojanmulk Hindi ki vikas-yatra (प्रयोजनमूलक हिंदी की विकास-यात्रा ) Mehta, Shailesh K 811.214.21=H MEH
47 Forget English:orientalisms and world literatures Mufti, R Aamir 820.09 MUF
48 Chronicles of a liquid Society Eco, Umberto 820-4 ECO/C
49 Manto Saheb
820-4 MANT
50 Figures in a landscape Theroux, Paul 820-992 THE
51 Figures in a landscape Theroux, Paul 820-992 THE
52 Bas sooraj kee taraf peeth hai unki (बस सूरज की तरफ पीठ है उनकी) Shashikala Rai 89H.09 SHA
53 Ras-Vimarsh (रस-विमर्श) Tripathi, Rammurti 89H.09 TRI
54 Tulsidas ka kavya-vivek aur maryadabodh (तुलसीदास का काव्य-विवेक और मर्यादाबोध ) Jha,Kamlanand 89H-1.09 JHA/T
55 Bharatiya kavyashastra (भारतीय काव्यशास्त्र ) Bali, Tarak Nath 89H-1.09(540) BAL
56 Pirannavarkkum Parannavarkkumidayil (പിറന്നവര്‍ക്കും പറന്നവര്‍ക്കുമിടയില്‍) Shimna Azeez 89M-94 SHI/P
57 Framed as a terrorist Aamir Khan, Mohammad 92(AAM) AAM
58 Baluta Daya, Pawar 92(DAY) DAY
59 Empress :the astonishing reign of Nur Jahan Lal, Ruby 92(NUR) LAL
60 Panthukalikkaran (പന്തുകളിക്കാരന്‍) Indugopan,G.R. 92(VAR)=M IND
61 Future is history Gessen, Masha 94(470+571) GES
62 Treasured epistles Singh, K. Natwar 94(540) SIN
63 Lost city of the monkey god Preston Douglas 954.1 PRE/T
64 Battle beyond kurukshetra Balakrishnan P.K. F BALP/B
65 Poovan banana and other stories Basheer, Vaikom Muhammad F BAS/P CL
66 Love among the bookshelves Bond, Ruskin F BON/L
67 Book of imaginary beings Borges Jorge Luis F BOR/BO
68 Perfect Spy Carre,Johnle F CAR/AP
69 Juneteenth Ellison, Ralph F ELL/J
70 Go went gone Erpenbeck, Jenny F ERP/G
71 Cutting It Short Bohumil, Hrabal F HRA/C
72 Girl in exile Kadare,Ismail F KAD/G
73 Assassinations Kapur, Vikram F KAP/A
74 Fateless Kertesz, Imre F KER/F
75 Doodler of Dimashq Kirthi Jayakumar F KIR/DO
76 Revolt of the lamebren Manjiri, Prabhu F MANP/R
77 Colours of passion Mukherjee, Sourabh F MUK/CO
78 Gift Nabokov,Vladimir F NAB/G
79 Clone Priya, Sarukkai Chabria F PRI/C
80 JJ :some jottings Ramaswamy,Sundara F RAM/J
81 Indigo :Selected stories Ray, Satyajit F RAY/I
82 Angaaray Sajjad,Zaheer F SAJ/A
83 Revelations of on imperfect life Samhita, Sankhya F SAM/R
84 Cannery Row Steinbeck John F STE/CA
85 East of Eden Steinbeck,John F STE/E
86 Childhood, Boyhood, Youth Leo Tolstoy F TOL/CH
87 Clicking of Cuthbert Wodehouse, P.G. F WOD/T
88 Phans ( फँस ) Sanjeev FH SAN
89 Postman (പോസ്റ്റ്മാന്‍) Benyamin FM BEN/P
90 Vazhi kandupidikkunnavar (വഴി കണ്ടു പിടിക്കുന്നവർ) Devadas,V.M FM DEV/V
91 Adrushyan (അദൃശ്യൻ) Ellison, Ralfph FM ELL/A
92 Alingam (അലിംഗം) Girish Kumar, S FM GIR/A
93 Rithubhedam (ഋതുഭേദം) Mantel, Hilary FM MAN/R
94 Arumariyathe peytha mazha (ആരുമറിയാതെ പെയ്ത മഴ ) Ritta, George FM RIT/A
95 Ilakkangalude kavalal (ഇളക്കങ്ങളുടെ കാവലാള്‍) Salinger,J.D. FM SAL/I
96 Maranaparyantham (മരണപര്യന്തം) Shamsudheen Mubarak FM SHA/M
97 Tales from the history of mathematics Archana Sarat 51 ARC CL
98 Captain underpants:and the invasion of the incredibly naughty cafeteria ladies from outer space Pilkey Dav F PIL/C CL
99 Now in fullcolor captain underpants Pilkey, Dav F PIL/C.2 CL
100 Captain underpants:and the invasion of the incredibly naughty cafeteria ladies from outer space Pilkey Dav F PIL/CA CL




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