Venture Intelligence Database

PE Deal Database:

  • Access to ALL PE/VC investments and exits tracked by Venture Intelligence since 1998
  • Each deal captures name of the investee company, its location, Industry & Sector it operates in, the investors involved, the amount and date. Wherever available, we also include information on the valuation and the advisors to the deal.
  • Listing of PE/VC exits - both by IPO and M&A.
  • Access to PE/VC Directory of funds active in India
  • Access to PE/VC-backed Company profiles
  • Aggregate PE/VC statistics that includes data on deals that have been disclosed in confidence to Venture Intelligence.

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    M&A Deal Database:

  • Access to list of inbound, outbound and domestic deals involving India based companies Since'04.
  • Each deal listed in this database typically includes the name of the target company and acquirer, their locations, the Industry & Sector (of the target), transaction amount and the deal date.
  • Apart from the deal-by-deal listing, the database also provides aggregate M&A statistics.
  • Updated every Fortnightly.  

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Company Financials Database:

  • CFS provides financials of over 35,000 companies
  • Powerful search filters to help users narrow down and compare companies of interest
  • Search companies based on their industry, geography and financial information
  • Filtering using growth criteria for Revenue, EBITDA or PAT
  • Exportable to a user friendly and well formatted excel sheet
  • Index of Charges held by lenders over assets of the companies
  •  Access to Annual filings
  •  Profiles of companies maintained

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For Login Credentials: Please contact the University Librarian / School of Management Studies Librarian

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