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Dear users,

We have access to the following Taylor & Francis Journal Archive collection on perpetual Basis:

T&F Business, Management & Economics Online Journal Archive ( 63 titles)

The Online Archive provides access to content from 1996 back to the very first volume. These packages enable users to learn from the past to understand the future in their chosen field. The access to the subscribed subject packages has been activated on campus intranet.

We will be giving you some important links and information about Taylor & Francis Online platform.

Guide to TandF Online Flatform

• Tandfonline provides access to all journals and database products from Taylor & Francis, Routledge Haworth Press and Psychology Press. The URL is www.tandfonline.com .
• Your institution has access to the above-mentioned subject packages published by the Taylor & Francis Group.

Step by Step Process

1. Registration
• On the homepage, click on Register icon. Although your institute is getting access via campus IPs but to avail additional features like Save Searches, Alerts, etc. it is always advisable for the user to register.
• Choose Personal Registration
• Complete the online form.
• The user will receive email with the summary of the account details
• Click on the activation link in the email to activate account.
2. Subject Feature Page
• On the homepage, click the drop down menu “Explore” and select the subject of choice.
• The particular homepage of the subject will open up.
• The user can navigate, search, and download articles from the subject page.
• The user can also subscribe relevant newsletter via subject feature’s page.
3. Quick Search
• Type the keyword in the Search Box.
• To search by a specific component, select one of the options listed in the drop down menu.
The search can be narrowed down by clicking Publication Names, ISSN, Subject Names,
Author Name, Title / Keyword / Abstract.
• The result page would open up. Select the item of choice. The green icon against the search
result indicates the access to content. Informaworld recognizes the institution’s IP address
and provides the access to all available resources automatically.
4. Search by Publication
• Use A-Z system to facilitate the search. For, e.g.: “An”, if you are looking for Anthropological Forum. A list of all publications beginning with the letters “An” will appear on screen.
5. Search by Author
• Click on the Authors Tab.
• Use the A-Z system to facilitate search by author.
• Select the author and click on the content displayed: book chapter, encyclopedia entry, etc.
6. Advanced Search
• There are 3 advanced searching tabs. Clicking on Advanced Search provides the user with a range of searching options including: Advanced Search, Citation Search and Cross Reference Search.
• Guidelines on using the Advanced Search are detailed on the right hand side of the page.
7. Save Searches
• The search will show all articles and publications matching the search criteria. One can either select all the options or just choose one article. Click on Save this Search.
Benefits for Researchers
• Save and view searches
• Search by key word or use the Advanced Search facilities
• Select and save favourite InformaWorld resources by adding them to a marked list
• Receive RSS feeds and email alerts in areas of interest
• Download articles in PDF or HTML format. Citations can be downloaded in a variety of formats, and imported into the most common referencing programmes.
• Enjoy active reference linking via CrossRef



University Librarian