New Arrivals on 06.10.2020

(The following books will be issued after 21.10.2020
Title Author Call No.
Generalities, Computer Science & Social Science
1 Universal's guide to judicial service examination   (079.1):34 JUD R
2 UGC-NET/SET/JRF Examination guide on law Upadhyay, Jeetendra Kumar (079.1):34 UPA/U R
3 MATLAB for mechanical engineers Dukkipati, Rao. V. 004.4:621 DUK/M
4 Feature engineering for machine learning Zheng, Alice 004.421 ZHE/F
5 Machine learning with microsoft technologies Etaati, Leila 004.421.MIC ETA/M
6 Machine learning with pyspark Pramod Singh, 004.421.PYS PRA/M
7 Kernelization Fomin, Fedor V. 004.451.87 FOM/K
8 Next generation databases Harrison, Guy 004.65 HAR/N
9 Cisco networks Carthern, Chris 004.72 CAR/C
10 Cloud data design, orchestration, and management using microsoft azure Diaz, Francesco 004.75.AZU DIA/C
11 IoT, AI, and blockchain for .net Pathak, Nishith 004.89.NET PAT/I
12 Developing 2D games with unity Halpern, Jared 004.9 HAL/D
13 Modern man in search of a soul Jung, Carl Gustav 159.9.01 JUN/M
14 Winning Way 2.0 Bhogle, Anita 159.923.2 BHO/W
15 12 rules for life Peterson, Jordan B. 159.923.2 PET/R
16 Life skills for success Wadkar, Alka 159.923.2 WAD/L
17 Myths and symbols in indian art and civilization Zimmer, Heinrich 2-264:008(540) ZIM/M
18 Madrasas in the age of islamophobia Ziya, Us Salam 28.323.14 ZIY/M
19 Selected works of Dr. Ambedkar (ഡോ.അംബേദ്കറുടെ തിരഞ്ഞെടുത്ത കൃതികൾ) Ambedkar, B.R. 301.181(540) AMB/S
20 Culture industry Adorno, Theodor W. 304.4 ADO/C
21 Women, race and class Davis, Angela Y. 305-055.2 DAU/W
22 Life of Z Sengupta, Debashish 316.346.36 SEN/L
23 Patterns of culture Benedict, Ruth 316.722 BEN/P
24 India’s 2019 elections Wallace, Paul 324(540)"2019" WAL/I
25 Marx @ 200 ( മാർക്‌സ് @ 200 )   330.85=M MAR/M
26 Torture behind bars Aston, Joshua N. 343.123.12(540) AST/T
27 Disaster relief and the RSS Malini, Bhattacharjee 364.4-022.326.5 MAL/D
Science and Management
28 Rewilding:india's experiments in saving nature Bahar, Dutt 502.1(540) BAH/R
29 Semigroups in complete lattices Eklund, Patrik 512.53 EKL/S
30 Elements of quasigroup theory and applications Shcherbacov, Victor 512.548 SHC/E
31 Applied linear algebra and matrix analysis Shores, Thomas S. 512.643 SHO/A
32 Tensor algebra and tensor analysis for engineers ltskov, Mikhail 514.743 ITS/T
33 Principles of analysis :measure, integration, functional analysis, and applications Junghenn, Hugo D. 517.5 JUN/P
34 Little quick fix Haaker, Maureen 519.2 HAA/L
35 Probability and statistics for computer scientists Baron, Michael 519.2:004.94 BAR/P
36 Bayesian inference for stochastic processes Davim, Michael 519.226 DAV/B
37 Bayesian inference for stochastic processes Hooten, Mevin B. 519.226 HOO/B
38 Bayesian demographic estimation and forecasting Bryant, John 519.226:314 BRY/B
39 Statistical data science Adams, Niall 519.25 ADA/S
40 Lightspeed Spence, John C. H. 535(091) SPE/L
41 India in a warming world Dubash, Navroz K. 551.583(540) DUB/I
42 India's coal story Bhattacharjee, Subhomoy 553.94(540) BHA/I
43 Advances in the biology and management of modern bed bugs Doggett, Stephen 595.754 DOG/A R
44 Ageless body, timeless mind Chopra, Deepak 613.9 CHO/A
45 Hydraulic machines Kothari, D. P. 621.22 KOT/H
46 Refrigeration and airconditioning Agrawal, Arvind 621.56 AGR/R
47 Refrigeration and air conditioning Prasad, Manohar 621.56 PRA/R
48 Fundamentals of metal cutting and machine tools Juneja, B. L. 621.71.9 JUN/F
49 Welding science and technology Ibrahim Khan, Md. 621.791 IBR/W
50 Marine fishes Bykov, V. P. 639.37 BYK/M
51 Social organization Ingham, Jon 65.013 ING/S
52 Shortcut your startup Courtney 65.016 COU/S
53 Managing and organizations Clegg, Stewart R. 658.31 CLE/M
54 Strategic social marketing French, Jeff 658.8 FRE/S
55 Supply chain and logistics management Garg, Dixit 658.85 GAR/S
56 Enzymatic technologies for marine polysaccharides Trincone, Antonio 664:547.458 TRI/E
Literature, Biography and Fiction
57 Digital photography Ang, Tom 77:004 ANG/D
58 Tharathamya vivarthana padanathile noothana pravanathakal Muhammad , Rafi N. V. 82.091=M MUH/T
59 Shoemaker's holiday Dekker, Thomas 820-2 DEK/S
60 Pouhana (പൗഹാന) Namboothiri, M.P.S. 89M-4 NAM/PO
61 Asoka Mookerji, Radhakumud 92(ASO) MOO
62 Gandhian thought and communication Das, Biswajit 92(GAN) DAS G
63 Champions of invention Tiner, John Hudson 92(GUT) TIN
64 Ethu ente vazhi (ഇത് എൻ്റെ വഴി) Joseph, Pulikunnel 92(JOS)=M JOS
65 Outcaste Limbale, Sharankumar 92(LIM) LIM
66 Archival science Abdul Majeed, C. P. 930.25 ABD/A
67 Chandragupta maurya and his times Mookerji, Radha Kumud 932(34) MOO/C
68 Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy Adams, Douglas F ADA/H
69 Quiver full of arrows Archer, Jeffrey F ARC/Q
70 Penguin book of classical indian love stories and lyrics Bond, Ruskin F BON/P
71 A.B.C. Murders Christie, Agatha F CHR/ABC
72 Hallowe'en party Christie, Agatha F CHR/HA
73 Ordeal by innocence Christie, Agatha F CHR/ORD
74 Why didn't they ask evans? Christie, Agatha F CHR/WH
75 Inheritance Paolini, Christopher F PAO/I
76 Kaaboolivala (കാബൂളിവാല) Tagore, Rabindranath FM TAG/K
Childrens Literature
77 Rusty:boy from the hills Bond, Ruskin F BON/RB CL
78 Rusty comes home Bond, Ruskin F BON/RC CL
79 Rusty runs away Bond, Ruskin F BON/RR CL
80 Minpins Dahl, Roald F DAH/M CL