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American Journal of Dance TherapyMedical Science, Psychology, Performing ArtsSpringerESS Consortium
Appalachian HeritageLiterature, ArtsThe University of North Carolina PressESS Consortium
Asian Theatre JournalAsian Studies;Performing ArtsUniversity of Hawai'i PressESS Consortium
Asian Theatre JournalArtsUniversity of Hawai'i PressESS Consortium
BOMBArt & Art History;Language & Literature;Performing ArtsNew Art PublicationsESS Consortium
Bulletin of the ComediantesArtsBulletin of the ComediantesESS Consortium
Camera ObscuraArtsDuke University PressESS Consortium
Canadian Theatre ReviewArtsUniversity of Toronto PressESS Consortium
Changing EnglishEducation, Performing ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Cinema JournalArtsUniversity of Texas PressESS Consortium
CoDesignPerforming Arts, Design EngineeringTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Comparative DramaPerforming ArtsComparative DramaESS Consortium
Comparative DramaArtsWestern Michigan UniversityESS Consortium
Contemporary Music ReviewPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Contemporary Theatre ReviewPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
CORD NewsPerforming ArtsCongress on Research in DanceESS Consortium
Cuban StudiesArts, HumanitiesUniversity of Pittsburgh PressESS Consortium
Dance ChroniclePerforming ArtsTaylor & Francis, Ltd.ESS Consortium
Dance ChroniclePerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Dance ResearchArtsEdinburgh University PressESS Consortium
Dance Research JournalPerforming ArtsCongress on Research in DanceESS Consortium
Dance Research JournalArtsCambridge University PressESS Consortium
Dance Research: The Journal of the Society for Dance ResearchPerforming ArtsEdinburgh University PressESS Consortium
Digital CreativityArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
DiscourseArtsWayne State University PressESS Consortium
Early Popular Visual CultureHistory, ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Early YearsPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Educational Theatre JournalPerforming ArtsThe Johns Hopkins University PressESS Consortium
Ethnomusicology ForumPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television StudiesArtsCenter for the Study of Film and HistoryESS Consortium
Film History: An International JournalArtsIndiana University PressESS Consortium
Framework: The Journal of Cinema and MediaArtsWayne State University PressESS Consortium
History of PhotographyPerforming Arts, HistoryTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
International Journal of Art TherapyMedical Science, ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Italian CultureSocial Science, artsMichigan State University PressESS Consortium
Journal of American FolkloreArtsAmerican Folklore SocietyESS Consortium
Journal of Film and VideoArtsUniversity of Illinois PressESS Consortium
Journal of Folklore ResearchArtsIndiana University PressESS Consortium
Journal of Mathematics and the ArtsMathematics, Performing ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Journal of Musicological ResearchEducation, Performing ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Journal of Poetry TherapyArts, Medical Science, PsychologyTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Journal of Radio & Audio MediaPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Konsthistorisk Tidskrift/Journal of Art HistoryPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Lenox Avenue: A Journal of Interarts InquiryAfrican American Studies;Music;Performing ArtsCenter for Black Music Research - Columbia College ChicagoESS Consortium
Magic, Ritual, and WitchcraftArts, Social ScienceUniversity of Pennsylvania PressESS Consortium
Marvels & TalesArtsWayne State University PressESS Consortium
Modern DramaArtsUniversity of Toronto PressESS Consortium
MUSEUM ANTHROPOLOGYAnthropology, ArtsWileyESS Consortium
Music Education ResearchEducation, Performing ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
New Theatre QuarterlyArtsCambridge University PressESS Consortium
Oral TraditionArtsCenter for Studies in Oral TraditionESS Consortium
PAJ: A Journal of Performance and ArtArt & Art History;Film Studies;Performing ArtsThe MIT Press;Performing Arts Journal, Inc.ESS Consortium
PAJ: A Journal of Performance and ArtArtsThe MIT PressESS Consortium
Performance ResearchPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Performing Arts JournalArt & Art History;Film Studies;Performing ArtsPerforming Arts Journal, Inc.ESS Consortium
Performing Arts JournalPerforming Arts JournalThe MIT PressESS Consortium
PhotographiesPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Popular Music and SocietyPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Quarterly Review of Film and VideoPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Renaissance QuarterlyHistory, Literature, Arts, Philosophy, Music, Area StudiesRenaissance Society of AmericaESS Consortium
Research in Dance EducationEducation, Performing ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and PerformanceEducation, Performing ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Romani StudiesArts, LiteratureLiverpool University PressESS Consortium
RomanticismArts, LiteratureEdinburgh University PressESS Consortium
Shakespeare QuarterlyLanguage & Literature;Performing ArtsFolger Shakespeare Library;George Washington UniversityESS Consortium
Sirena: poesia, arte y criticaLiterature, ArtsThe Johns Hopkins University PressESS Consortium
Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed LandscapesHistory, Performing ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
TDR (1967-1968)Performing ArtsThe MIT PressESS Consortium
TDR (1988-)Performing ArtsThe MIT PressESS Consortium
TDR: The Drama ReviewArtsThe MIT PressESS Consortium
Teaching Artist JournalEducation, ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
The Arts in PsychotherapyThe Arts in PsychotherapyScience DirectESS & CUSAT SUBSCRIPTION
The Carleton Drama ReviewPerforming ArtsThe MIT PressESS Consortium
The Cork ReviewIrish Studies;Performing ArtsTriskel Arts CentreESS Consortium
The Drama Review: TDRPerforming ArtsThe MIT PressESS Consortium
The Eugene O'Neill ReviewLanguage & Literature;Performing ArtsPenn State University PressESS Consortium
The Moving ImagePerforming ArtsUniversity of Minnesota PressESS Consortium
The Shakespeare Association BulletinLanguage & Literature;Performing ArtsFolger Shakespeare LibraryESS Consortium
The Tulane Drama ReviewPerforming ArtsThe MIT PressESS Consortium
The Velvet Light TrapArtsUniversity of Texas PressESS Consortium
TheaterArtsDuke University PressESS Consortium
Theatre IrelandIrish Studies;Performing ArtsPaul Hadfield & Linda HendersonESS Consortium
Theatre JournalPerforming ArtsThe Johns Hopkins University PressESS Consortium
Theatre JournalArtsThe Johns Hopkins University PressESS Consortium
Theatre Research InternationalArtsCambridge University PressESS Consortium
Theatre SurveyArtsCambridge University PressESS Consortium
Theatre TopicsArtsThe Johns Hopkins University PressESS Consortium
Third TextPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
University of Toronto QuarterlyArtsUniversity of Toronto PressESS Consortium
VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY REVIEWAnthropology, ArtsWileyESS Consortium
Visual Arts ResearchVisual Arts ResearchUniversity of Illinois PressESS Consortium
Visual ResourcesPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Visual StudiesPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Wide AngleArtsThe Johns Hopkins University PressESS Consortium
Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theoryPerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
Word & ImagePerforming ArtsTaylor & FrancisESS Consortium
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