List of new additions in University Library, CUSAT - November 2003

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November 2003









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  Dynamic model for marine conservation / ed. Matthias Ruth, James


                  Shelf Mark  :     639.2.03 RUT


  Efficient conservation of crop genetic diversity: theoretical

  approaches and empirical studies / Editor Detlef Virchow

                  Shelf Mark  :     631.55:575 VIR


  Indian agriculture 2003 / Vikas Singhal

                  Shelf Mark  :     63(540) SIN"2003" R


  The nature and properties of soils / Nyle C. Brady, Ray R. Weil

                  Shelf Mark  :     631.43 BRA


  Oriental gardening / Kate Jerome ; The Japanese Garden Society of


                  Shelf Mark  :     635 JER R


  Tropical gardening / David Bar-Zvi ; Fairchild Tropical Garden

                  Shelf Mark  :     635 RAR R




  The art of floral design / Norah T. Hunter

                  Shelf Mark  :     745.9:635.9 HUN R


  Self help groups in rural development / N. Lalitha, B. S. Nagarajan

                  Shelf Mark  :     711.3 LAL



Astronomy / Astrophysics


  From white dwarfs to black holes: the legacy of S. Chadrasekhar /

  ed by. G. Srinivasan ; Indian Academy of Sciences

                  Shelf Mark  :     524.88 SRI


  Moons and planets / William K. Hartmann

                  Shelf Mark  :     523 HAR R


Biological Science


  Anthropology / Carol R. Ember, Melvin Ember, Peter N. Peregrine

                  Shelf Mark  :     572 EMB


  Chromosomes: organization and function / Adrian T. Sumner

                  Shelf Mark  :     576.316 SUM


  Cryopreservation of plant germplasm II / ed. L. E. Towill, Y. P. S.


                  Shelf Mark  :     57:631.52 TOW


  Culture of animal cells: a manual of basic technique / R.Ian


                  Shelf Mark  :     576.5 FRE


  Ecology: theories and applications / Peter Stiling

                  Shelf Mark  :     574 STI


  Encyclopedia of biostatistics: A - Cox / Editor Peter

  Armitage, Theodore Colton

                  Shelf Mark  :     578.087.1 ARM.1-.6 R


  Environmental science towards sustainable future / Richard T.


                  Shelf Mark  :     577.4 WRI


  Environmental science: earth as a living planet / Daniel B. Botkin,

  Edward A. Keller

                  Shelf Mark  :     577.4 BOT R


  Fundamentals of environmental management / Steven L. Erickson

                  Shelf Mark  :     577.4:65 ERI


  Introduction to environmental biotechnology / A. K. Chatterji

                  Shelf Mark  :     579.25/.26 CHA


  An introduction to genetic engineering / Desmond S. T. Nicholl

                  Shelf Mark  :     575 NIC


  Learning birds through latest portfolio of theory and practice /

  Editor P. K. Verma, Nandita Pande

                  Shelf Mark  :     598.2 VER


  Molecular methods in ecology / ed by. Allan J. Baker

                  Shelf Mark  :     577 BAK


  PCR Cloning protocols / ed by. Bing-Yuan Chen, Harry W. Janes

                  Shelf Mark  :     577.213.3 CHE R



Chemistry / Chemical technology


  Acrylonitrile / World Health Organization. Geneva.

                  Shelf Mark  :     541.69+547.391.1 WOR


  Advanced polymer chemistry: a problem solving guide / Manas Chanda

                  Shelf Mark  :     541.64 CHA


  Arsenic and arsenic compounds / World Health Organization. Geneva.

                  Shelf Mark  :     661.64:61 WOR


  Chlorine Dioxide (Gas) / World Health Organization. Geneva.

                  Shelf Mark  :     541.69+546.13 WOR


  Controlled/living radical polymerization: progress in ATRP, NMP,

  and RAFT / ed by. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski

                  Shelf Mark  :     66.095.26 MAT


  Diethylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether / World Health Organization.


                  Shelf Mark  :     541.69+547.272.1 WOR


  Evaluation of certain food additives and contaminants: fifty-fifth

  report of the Joint FAO/WHO expert committee on food additives. /

  Food and Agricultural Organization. United Nations. ; World Health

  Organization. Geneva.

                  Shelf Mark  :     664.8.022.3:006.3(047) EVA


  Formaldehyde / World Health Organization. Geneva.

                  Shelf Mark  :     541.69+547.281.1 WOR


  March's advanced organic chemistry. / Michael B. Smith, March Jerry

                  Shelf Mark  :     547 SMI


  Modern petroleum chemistry: an overview / S. Kochu Baby Manjooran

                  Shelf Mark  :     665.6 KOC


  N-Nitrosodimethylamine / World Health Organization. Geneva.

                  Shelf Mark  :     541.69+547.545 WOR


  Organic chemistry / Robert Thornton Morrison, Robert Neilson Boyd

                  Shelf Mark  :     547 MOR;4


  Physical chemistry / N. B. Singh, Ramji Singh, N. P. Singh

                  Shelf Mark  :     541.1 SIN


  Surfactants and polymers in aqueous solution / Bo Jonsson, Bjorn

  Lindman, Krister Holmberg, Bengt Kronberg

                  Shelf Mark  :     661.185.1 JON


  Transition metal reagents and catalysts: innovation in organic

  synthesis / Jiro Tsuji

                  Shelf Mark  :     547:661.865.4 TSU


  Water soluble poly-N-vinylamides: synthesis and physicochemical

  properties / Yury E. Kirsh

                  Shelf Mark  :     541.64 KIR


  Zinc / World Health Organization. Geneva.

                  Shelf Mark  :     546.47:615.9 WOR





  Active Perl with ASP and ADO / Tobias Martinsson

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.451.83 MAR


  B2B application integration: e-business-enable your enterprise /

  David S. Linthicum

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:339.16 LIN


  Bluetooth revealed: the insider's guide to an open specifications

  for global wireless communications / Brent A. Miller, Chatschik


                  Shelf Mark  :     681.327.8:654.165 MIL


  Business data networks and telecommunications / Raymond R. Panko

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324 PAN


  C#: the complete reference / Herbert Schildt

                  Shelf Mark  :     519.682 C# SCH


  C++ primer / Stanley B. Lippman, Josee Lajoie

                  Shelf Mark  :     519.682C++ LIP


  C++ programming today / Barbara Johnston

                  Shelf Mark  :     519.682C++ JOH


  CAD/CAM: principles and applications / Nageswara P. Rao

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.327.02 RAO


  Client/server information systems: a business-oriented approach /

  James E. Goldman, Phillip T. Rawles, Julie R. Margia

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.451.83 GOL


  Compiler design in C / Allen I. Holub

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.068 HOL


  Computer control of processes / M. Chidambaram

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.326 CHI


  Computer networks / Andrew S. Tanenbaum

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.7 TAN;3


  Computer networks / Andrew S. Tanenbaum

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.7 TAN


  Computer networks: protocols, standards, and interfaces / Uyless


                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.7 BLA


  Computer systems organization and architecture / John D. Carpinelli

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.14 CAR


  Computers and commonsense / Roger Hunt, John Shelley

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.14 HUN


  Concurrent and realtime systems: the CSP approach / Steve Schneider

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.31:519.687 SCH


  Control tutorials for matlab and simulink / William C. Messner,

  Dawn M. Tilbury

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.06MAT MES R


  Cyber-Terrorism / S. Venkatesh

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.4 VEN


  Cyberterrorism and information war / Editor Patrick Hess

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.4 HES


  Data structures and algorithms: with object oriented design

  patterns in C++ / Brune R. Preiss

                  Shelf Mark  :     519.682C++ PRE


  Data structures using C and  C++ / Yedidyah Langsam, Moshe J.

  Augenstein, Aaron M. Tenenbaum

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.31:004.422.63C LAN;1


  The design of the UNIX operating system / Maurice J. Bach

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.066 BAC


  Designing object-oriented software / Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Brian

  Wilkerson, Lauren Wiener

                  Shelf Mark  :     519.682 WIR


  Designing wireless information services. / Johan Hjelm

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.327.8 HJE


  Digital image processing and analysis / Bhabatosh Chanda, Dwijesh

  Dutta Majumdaer

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.328 CHA


  Digital media tools / Nigel Chapman, Jenny Chapman

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.085 CHA


  Distributed applications with microsoft visual C++6.0: MCSD

  training kit

                  Shelf Mark  :     519.682 C++ MIC


  Distributed systems: concepts and design / George Coulouris, Jean

  Dollimore, Tim Kindberg

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324 COU


  Distributed systems: principles and paradigms / Andrew S.

  Tanenbaum, Maarten Van Steen

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324 TAN


  Encyclopedia of software engineering (2 Vols.)/ ed. by John J Marcimaik

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.06(03) MAR.1-.2 R


  Essential ASP for web professionals / Elijah Lovejoy

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.451.83 LOV


  Fault-tolerance and reliability techniques for high-density

  random-access memories / Kanad Chakraborty, Pinaki Mazumder

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.327.26:004.332.3 CHA


  Flash in a flash web development / Anushka Wirasinha

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.738.12 WIR


  Fundamentals of computers / V. Rajaraman

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324 RAJ;2


  Fuzzy control: synthesis and analysis / Ed. by Shehu S. Farinwata,

  Filev Dimitar, Langari Reza

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.5.012/.013 FAR


  Fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic: theory and applications / George J.

  Klir, Bo Yuan

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324 KLI


  Hardware description languages: concepts and principles / Sumit


                  Shelf Mark  :     681.14 GHO


  HTML & XML for beginners / Michael Morrison

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.738.52 MOR


  The intel microprocessors 8086/8088, 80186/80188, 80286, 80386,

  80486, pentium, and pentium pro processor: architecture,

  programming, and interfacing / Barry B. Brey

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.326.32 BRE


  Internet security protocols: protecting IP traffic / Uyless Black

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324.004.4 BLA


  An introduction to computer networking / Kenneth C. Mansfield,

  James L. Antonakos

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.7 MAN


  An introduction to distributed and parallel computing / Joel M.


                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324 CRI


  Introduction to instrumentation and control / Arun K. Ghosh

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.2 GHO


  An introduction to programming using Visual Basic .NET / David I.


                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.06 SCH


  Java programming with CORBA: advanced techniques for building

  distributed applications / Gerald Brose, Andreas Vogel, Keith Duddy

                  Shelf Mark  :     519.682JAVA BRO


  JAVA: sun certified programmer for java 2 study guide (exam


                  Shelf Mark  :     519.682JAVA SUN


  Local area networks: a business-oriented approach / James E.


                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324 GOL


  Microprocessor architecture, programming, and applications with the

  8085 / Ramesh S. Gaonkar

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.326.32 GAO;1


  Microsoft exchange 2000 server administrator's companion / Walter

  J. Glenn, Bill English

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324 EX GLE


  Modern compiler design / Dick Grune, Henri E. Bal, Ceriel J. H.

  Jacobs, Koen G. Langendoen

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.068 GRU


  Modern operating systems / Andrew S. Tanenbaum

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.066 TAN/M


  Multimedia communication systems: techniques, standards, and

  networks / K. R. Rao, Zoran S. Bojkovic, Dragorad A. Milovanovic

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.327.6 STE/M


  Multimedia systems design / Prabhat K. Andleigh, Kiran Thakrar

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.327.6 AND


  Multimedia: computing, communications and applications / Ralf

  Steinmetz, Klara Nahrstedt

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.327.6 STE


  Neural networks and artificial intelligence for biomedical

  engineering / Donna L. Hudson, Maurice E. Cohen

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.325.65 HUD


  Oracle: forms developer's handbook / Albert Lulushi

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.06ORA LUL


  Oscillations in neural systems / ed by. Daniel S. Levine, Vincent

  R. Brown, V. Timothy Shirey

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.325.65 LEV


  Perl 5 by example / David Medinets

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.738.52 MED


  Practical Cisco routers / Joe Habraken

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.715 HAB


  Practical networking / Frank J. Derfler

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324 DER


  Practice and principles of compiler building with C / Henk Alblas,

  Albert Nymeyer

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.068 ALB


  Prolog programming for artificial intelligence / Ivan Bratko

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.066 BRA


  Red hat Linux administrator's guide / Kerry Cox

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.066LINUX COX


  Software engineering / Gautam Sarkar

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.06 SAR


  Software engineering / Ian Sommerville

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.06 SOM


  Software engineering: theory and practice / Shari Lawrence Pfleeger

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.06 PFL


  Solaris security / Peter H. Gregory

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.31.004.4 GRE


  Speech and language processing: an introduction to natural language

  processing, computational linguistics, and speech recognition /

  Daniel Jurafsky, James H. Martin

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.327:004.934 JUR


  SSL and TSL essentials: securing the web / Stephen. Thomas

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.31-7 THO


  Step by step XML / Michael J. Young

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.738.52 YOU


  The world of scripting languages. / David W Barron

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.451.83 BAR


  Understanding .NET: a tutorial and analysis / David Chappell

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.738.52 CHA


  Understanding web services: XML, WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI / Eric


                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324 NEW


  Visual basic 6.0 programming / Content Development Group, Chennai

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.06 VIS


  Visually learn PC / Anushka Wirasinha

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.3.022 WIR


  Web programming: building internet applications / Chris Bates

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.738.52 BAT


  Wideband wireless digital communications / Editor Andreas Molisch

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.327.8:654.165 MOL


  The windows 2000 device driver book : a guide for programmers / Art

  Baker, Jerry Lozano

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.14 BAK


  XML for the world wide web: visual quickest art guide / Elizabeth


                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324 CAS


  XML web documents from scratch / Jesse Liberty, Mike Kraley

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.738.52 LIB


  XML,  web services, and the data revolution / Frank P. Coyle

                  Shelf Mark  :     681.324:004.738.52 COY





  Biodiversity, sustainability and human communities: protecting

  beyond the protected / ed by. Tim O'Riordan, Susanne Stoll-Kleemann

                  Shelf Mark  :     332.36:574 ORI


  Development and deprivation in Gujarat: in honour of Jan Breman /

  ed by. Ghanshyam Shah, Mario Rutten, Hein Streefkerk

                  Shelf Mark  :     330.34(547.1) SHA


  Environmental and natural resources economics / Tietenberg Tom

                  Shelf Mark  :     330:364.25 TIE


  The growth and transformation of small firm in India / Sebastian

  Morris, ...[et al.]

                  Shelf Mark  :     334.713(540) MOR


  International economics / Francis  Cherunilam

                  Shelf Mark  :     330.191.6 FRA


  Modern economics / H. L. Ahuja

                  Shelf Mark  :     330 AHU





  Globalizing the community college: strategies for change in the

  twenty-first century / John S. Levin

                  Shelf Mark  :     378(73) LEV


  Teacher education in India / Association of Indian Universities.

  New Delhi.

                  Shelf Mark  :     371.13 ASS




  Analysis and design of analog integrated circuits / Paul R. Gray,

  Paul J. Hurst, Stephen H. Lewis, Robert G. Meyer

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.3.049.77 GRA;2


  Antennas and propagation for wireless communication systems / Simon

  R. Saunders

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.396.67 SAU


  Biology of freshwater pollution / Christopher Mason

                  Shelf Mark  :     628.394 MAS


  CMOS/BiCMOS ULSI: low voltage, low power / Kiat-Seng Yeo, Samir S.

  Rofail, Wang-Ling Goh

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.382 YEO


  Communication systems engineering / John G. Proakis, Masoud Salehi

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.396.946 PRO


  Computer processing of remotely sensed images: an introduction /

  Paul M. Mather

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.3.083.7 MAT


  Digital electronic and logic design / B. Somanathan Nair

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.382 SOM


  Digital image processing / Rafael C. Gonzalez, Richard E. Woods

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.383.8 GON"2002"


  Digital signal processing: a practical approach / Emmanuel C.

  Ifeachor, Barrie W. Jervis

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.391.8 IFE


  Engineered concrete: mix design and test methods / Irving Kett

                  Shelf Mark  :     624:666.92 KET


  Fiber-optic communications technology / Djafar K. Mynbaev, Lowell

  L. Scheiner

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.391.65 MYN


  Formal engineering design synthesis / ed by. Erik K. Antonsson,

  Jonathan Cagan

                  Shelf Mark  :     62-11 ANT


  Fundamentals of applied electromagnetics: 2001 media edition /

  Fawwaz T. Ulaby

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.318.3 ULA


  Fundamentals of environmental engineering / James R. Mihelcic

                  Shelf Mark  :     628 MIH


  Intertidal deposits: river mouths, tidal flats, and coastal lagoons

  / Doeke Eisma

                  Shelf Mark  :     627.16 EIS


  Laser applications in surface science and technology / H.G. Rubahn

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.375.826 RUB


  Modern power electronics and AC drives / Bimal K. Bose

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.382 BOS


  Power electronics:circuits,devices,and applications / Muhammad H.


                  Shelf Mark  :     621.382 RAS


  Power system dynamics and stability / Peter W. Sauer, M. A. Pai

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.31 SAU


  Principles of welding: processes, physics, chemistry and metallurgy

  / Robert W. Messler

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.791 MES


  Reference manual for telecommunications engineering (2 Vols.)/ Roger L.


                  Shelf Mark  :     621.391 FRE.1-.2 R


  Reinforced concrete slab / Robert Park, William L. Gamble

                  Shelf Mark  :     624.012.45 PAR


  Remote sensing and image interpretation / Thomas M. Lillesand,

  Ralph W. Kiefer

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.391.3 LIL


  Security for telecommunications : network management. / Moshe


                  Shelf Mark  :     621.391:004.056 ROZ


  Signals and systems: continuous and discrete / Rodger E. Ziemer,

  William H. Tranter, D. Ronald Fannin

                  Shelf Mark  :     621.3.049.77 ZIE


  The Sustainable management of tropical catchments / editor David

  Harper, Tony Brown

                  Shelf Mark  :     628:556.51 HAR





  Advances in atmospheric chemistry: proceedings of the National

  Workshop on Atmospheric Chemistry (NWAC-99) October 12-14, 1999

  Pune / Editor P. C. S. Devara, P. Ernest Raj

                  Shelf Mark  :     551.51 ADV


  Applications of constellation observing system for meteorology,

  lonosphere and climate / Editor Lou-Chuang Lee, Christian Rocken,

  Robert Kursinski

                  Shelf Mark  :     551.5 LOU


  Environmental geochemistry of potentially toxic metals / Frederic

  R. Siegel

                  Shelf Mark  :     550.46 SIE


  Fundamentals of physics and chemistry of the atmosphere / Guido


                  Shelf Mark  :     551.51 VIS


  Handbook of marine mineral deposits / Editor David S. Cronan

                  Shelf Mark  :     553:551.35 CRO


  Introduction to physical oceanography / John A. Knauss

                  Shelf Mark  :     551.46 KNA





  Asanghaditha / Geetha Hiranyan

                  Shelf Mark  :     FM GEE


  Barefoot and pregnant / Shinie Antony

                  Shelf Mark  :     F SHI/B


  God's mischief / M. Mukundan ; Tr. Prema Jayakumar

                  Shelf Mark  :     F MUKU/G


  Katherine Christian / Hugh Walpole

                  Shelf Mark  :     F WALP/R


  Pages stained with blood / Indira Goswami

                  Shelf Mark  :     F IND/P


  The Secret city / Hugh Walpole

                  Shelf Mark  :     F WALP/S


  Singarevva and the palace / Chandrasekhar Kambar

                  Shelf Mark  :     F KAM/S


  Time stops at shamli and other stories / Ruskin Bond

                  Shelf Mark  :     F BON





  New Poetry in hindi (nayi kavitha): an anthology / ed by. Lucy


                  Shelf Mark  :     89H.1 ROS




   Basic documents / World Health Organization. Geneva.

                  Shelf Mark  :     341.123.04 WHO"2001"


  Basic documents / World Health Organization. Geneva.

                  Shelf Mark  :     341.123.04 WHO'2003'


  A handbook on Kerala service rules / P. N. Mohanan

                  Shelf Mark  :     342.98(548.3) MOH


  Principles and perspectives of copy rights / M. A. Khan

                  Shelf Mark  :     347.78 KHA


  Punishment and the prison: Indian and international perspectives /

  ed by. Rani Dhavan Shankardass

                  Shelf Mark  :     343.26 SHA


  A textbook of human rights / Jayant Chaudhary

                  Shelf Mark  :     342.7 CHA




  Automated management of library collection / Satyanarayana Reddy

                  Shelf Mark  :     02:681.3 RED


  Citation analysis of research field and information technology

  development / Suresh C. Sinha, Anil K. Dhiman

                  Shelf Mark  :     025.4.01 SIN


  Communication technology: its impact on library and information

  science / P. S. Sooryanarayana, Mahesh V. Mudhol

                  Shelf Mark  :     025:007 SOO


  Information needs, information seeking behaviour and users / Bikika

  Tariang Laloo

                  Shelf Mark  :     025.5 LAL


  Information security: a source book for librarians / C. R.


                  Shelf Mark  :     02:004.056 RAM


  International yearbook of library and  information management

  2001/2002: information services in an electronic environment / ed.

  G. E. Gorman

                  Shelf Mark  :     025.5 GOR


  An introduction to library network / R. L. Sehgal

                  Shelf Mark  :     02:004.738.5 SEH


  Library co-operation in a networked world / Editor M. Bavakutty, M.

  C. K. Veeran, T. K. Muhammed Salih

                  Shelf Mark  :     021.064 BAV


  The library information professional's to Pluig-ins and other web

  browser tools: selection, installation, troubleshooting / Candice

  M. Benjes-Small, Melissa L. Just

                  Shelf Mark  :     02:004.738.52 BEN


  Manual of computer application / R. L. Sehgal, D. K. Behl

                  Shelf Mark  :     02:681.31 SEH


  A student's manual of library and information science (on the line

  of the NET syllabus of UGC) (2 Vols.) / P.S.G. Kumar

                  Shelf Mark  :     02(035) KUM.1-.2


  Sustainable university library development / ed by. R. Raman Nair

                  Shelf Mark  :     027.7 RAM




  An anthropologist among the marxists and other essays / Ramachandra


                  Shelf Mark  :     820-4 GUH


  Blank page to first draft in 15 minutes: the most effective

  shortcut to preparing a speech or presentation / Philip Khan-Panni

                  Shelf Mark  :     820-5 KHA R


  Sambhashanangal / M. N. Vijayan

                  Shelf Mark  :     89M-83 VIJ





  Advertising / Frank Jefkins ; Editor Daniel Yadin

                  Shelf Mark  :     659.1 JEF;1


  Advertising and promotion: an integrated marketing communications

  perspective / George E. Belch, Michael A. Belch

                  Shelf Mark  :     659.1 BEL


  The art of motivating and leading people (6 Vols.)/ Hardy Caldwell

                  Shelf Mark  :     658.31 CAL.1-.6


  Business correspondence and report writing: a practical approach to

  business and technical communication / R. C. Sharma, Krishna Mohan

                  Shelf Mark  :     651.75 SHA


  Ethical choices in business / R. C. Sekhar

                  Shelf Mark  :     658:174.4 SEK


  Financial management and policy / James C. Van Horne

                  Shelf Mark  :     658.15 VAN


  Fundamentals of financial management / James C. Van Horne, John M.


                  Shelf Mark  :     658.15 VAN


  Gaining and sustaining competitive advantage / Jay B. Barney

                  Shelf Mark  :     658 BAR


  Integrated advertising, promotion and marketing communications /

  Kenneth E. Clow, Donald Baack

                  Shelf Mark  :     659.1 CLO


  Intellectual property assets in mergers and acquisitions / Editor

  Lanning Bryer, Melvin Simensky

                  Shelf Mark  :     658.168.5 BRY


  Logistics / David J. Bloomberg, Stephen LeMay, Joe B. Hanna

                  Shelf Mark  :     658.7 BLO


  Management control systems / Robert N. Anthony, Vijay Govindarajan

                  Shelf Mark  :     658.3 ANT


  Management information systems / Raymond McLeod, George Schell

                  Shelf Mark  :     659.2:681.3.04 McL


  Manufacturing operations and supply chain management: the LEAN

  approach / David Taylor, David Brunt

                  Shelf Mark  :     658.85 TAY


  Operations management: policy, practice and performance improvement

  / Steve Brown, Kate Blackmon, Paul Cousins, Harvey Maylor

                  Shelf Mark  :     65.012.1 BRO


  Organizational behaviour: human behaviour at work / John  W.

  Newstrom, Keith Davis

                  Shelf Mark  :     658.3-05 NEW


  Presentation skills: the essential guide for students / Patsy

  McCarthy, Caroline Hatcher

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  Retail marketing management / David Gilbert

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  Statistical methods for quality improvement / Thomas P. Ryan

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  Strategic management: the Indian context / R Srinivasan

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  Supply chain management / Editor John T. Mentzer

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  Systems analysis and design / Kenneth  E. Kendall, Julie E. Kendall

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  Understanding financial statements / Lyn M. Fraser, Aileen Ormiston

                  Shelf Mark  :     658 FRA/U





  Algorithms for statistical signal processing / John G. Proakis

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  Applied multivariate statistical analysis / Richard A. Johnson,

  Dean W. Wichern

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  Bayesian statistical modelling / Peter Congdon

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  Bayesian theory / Jose M. Bernardo, Adrian F.M. Smith

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  Bio statistical methods: the assessment of relative risks / John M.


                  Shelf Mark  :     519.23 LAC


  Coding theory and cryptography: the essentials / D. R. Hankerson,

  ...[et al.]

                  Shelf Mark  :     519.72:003.26 HAN


  Complex analysis in one variable / Raghavan Narasimhan, Yves


                  Shelf Mark  :     517.53 NAR


  CRC concise encyclopedia of mathematics / Eric W. Weisstein

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  Differential equation: modeling with MATLAB / Paul Davis

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  Differential equations and boundary value problems: computing and

  modeling / C. Henry Edwards, David E. Penney

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  Differential equations and linear algebra / C. Henry Edwards, David

  E. Penney

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  Discrete mathematics / Kenneth A. Ross, Charles R. B. Wright

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  DNA computing: new computing paradigms / Gheorghe Paun, Grzegorz

  Rozenberg, Arto Salomaa

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  Geometric differentiation: for the intelligence of curves and

  surfaces / Ian R. Porteous

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  Introduction to algorithms / Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E.

  Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein

                  Shelf Mark  :     510.51 COR


  Nonlinear dynamics and chaos / J. M. T. Thompson, H. B. Stewart

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  Operations research / R. Panneerselvam

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  Paradox and paraconsistency: conflict resolution in the abstract

  sciences / John Woods

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  Probability and random processes with applications to signal

  processing / Henry Stark, John W. Woods

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  Probability and stochastic processes: a friendly introduction for

  electrical engineers / Roy D. Yates, David J. Goodman

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  Real analysis and probability / R.M. Dudley

                  Shelf Mark  :     519.2:517.13 DUD


  Statistical analysis of microstructures in materials science /

  Joachim Ohser

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  Statistical distributions / Merran Evans

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  Statistics a first course / John E. Freund, Benjamin M. Perles

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  Statistics: for business and economics / James T. McClave, P.

  George Benson, Terry Sincich

                  Shelf Mark  :     519.2:658 MCC


  Topology / James R. Munkres

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  Adherence to long-term therapies: evidence for action / World

  Health Organization. Geneva.

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  Aquatic pollution: an introductory text / Edward A. Laws

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  Behavioural ecotoxicology / ed. Giacomo Dell'Omo

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  Biomarkers in risk assessment: validity and validation / World

  Health Organization. Geneva.

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  Biostatistical methods in epidemiology / Stephen C. Newman

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  Dermatologic botany / ed. by Javier Avalos, Howard I. Maibach

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  Epithelial cell culture protocols / ed by. Clare Wise

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  Evaluation of certain mycotoxins in food:fifty-sixth report of the

  joint FAO/WHO expert committee on food additives / World Health

  Organization. Geneva.

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  Evaluation of certain veterinary drug residues in food:

  fifty-fourth report of the joint FAO/WHO expert committee on food

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                  Shelf Mark  :     619:615.012 WHO


  How to develop and implement a national drug policy / World Health

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  International classification of functioning, disability and health

  / World Health Organization. Geneva.

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  Multiple sclerosis / Sharon Warren, Kenneth G. Warren

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  Neurotoxicity risk assessment for human health: principles and

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  Principles and methods for the assessment of risk from essential

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  Principles for evaluating health risks to reproduction associated

  with exposure to chemicals / World Health Organization. Geneva.

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  Textbook of medical physiology / Arthur C. Guyton, John E. Hall

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  The world health report 2001: mental health: new understanding, new

  hope / World Health Organization

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  monitoring system 2002 global summary / World Health Organization.


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  WHO expert committee on specifications for pharmaceutical

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  WHO expert committee on the control of chagas disease: 2nd report /

  World Health Organization. Geneva.

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  WHO model prescribing information: drugs used in bacterial

  infections / World Health Organization. Geneva.

                  Shelf Mark  :     615.015.2 WOR




  Applications in electro-optics / Leo Setian

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  Fast and efficient algorithms in computational electromagnetics /

  Editor Weng Cho Chew, Jian-Ming Jin, Eric Michielssen, Jiming Song

                  Shelf Mark  :     537 CHE


  Fundamentals of classical and statistical thermodynamics /

  Bimalendu Narayan Roy

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  Introduction to solid state physics / Charles Kittel

                  Shelf Mark  :     539.2 KIT


  Latest portfolio of theory and practice in electricity and

  magnetism / P. L. Simon

                  Shelf Mark  :     537 SIM


  Mesoscopic quantum optics / Yoshihisa Yamamoto, Atac Imamoglu

                  Shelf Mark  :     535.14 YAM


  Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics / Robert Zwanzig

                  Shelf Mark  :     531.19  ZHA


  Optics / Eugene Hecht

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  The physics and chemistry of solids / Stephen. R. Elliott

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  Quantum mechanics / G. Aruldhas

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  Quantum mechanics: concepts and applications / Nouredine Zettili

                  Shelf Mark  :     530.145 ZET


  Spin dynamics: basics of nuclear magnetic resonance / Malcolm H.


                  Shelf Mark  :     539.194 LEV


  Thermodynamics: a core course / R. C. Srivastava, Subit K. Saha,

  Abhay K. Jain

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  Traceable temperatures: an introduction to temperature measurement

  and calibration / J. V. Nicholas, D. R. White

                  Shelf Mark  :     536.5 NIC





  Engineering with rubber: how to design rubber components / Editor

  Alan N. Gent

                  Shelf Mark  :     678 GEN


  Plastics processing handbook /  A. S. Athalye

                  Shelf Mark  :     678.5 ATH


  Polymer Extrusion / Chris Rauwendaal

                  Shelf Mark  :     678.027.3 RAU'2001'


  Practical aspects of finite element modelling of polymer processing

  / Vahid Nassehi

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  Training in injection molding: a text- and workbook / Walter

  Michaeli, Helmut Greif, Gernot Kretzschmar, Frank Ehrig

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  Training in plastics technology: a text- and workbook / Walter

  Michaeli, Leo Wolters, Helmut Greif, Franz-Josef Vosseburger

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  Cliffs testprep TOEFL CBT: computer based test of English as a

  foreign language / Michael A. Pyle

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  GATE 2003: question papers / Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

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  Tata McGraw-Hill's general studies manual 2001 for the UPSC civil

  services preliminary examination

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  Tata McGraw-Hill's study package for national talent search

  examination / National Talent Search Examination, New Delhi

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  Upkar's UGC NET/ JRF/ SLET Teaching / Research Aptitude: General


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  Yoga: self- taught / Andre Van Lysebeth

                    Shelf Mark      :     294.527 LYS